“Adobe Enhances Illustrator with Game-Changing ‘Generative Recolor’ AI Capability”

Adobe Illustrator introduces new generative AI tools

Adobe, the creative design giant, has introduced a new set of generative AI tools in Adobe Illustrator that enable designers and marketers to change colors, themes and fonts of graphics. The tool, called “Generative Recolor,” is designed to allow users to refresh design elements such as colors and fonts quickly. Generative Recolor is the latest addition to Adobe’s cluster of generative AI tools and models called Firefly. The tool is currently available in beta in Adobe Illustrator.

Generative Recolor Feature

Generative Recolor offers descriptive prompts such as “peaceful pastels,” “neon pop,” and “fall foliage,” amongst others. Designers can create variations of color palettes using these prompts for seasonal marketing and advertising.

Generative Recolor uses Firefly to generate a rendering of a scene or a theme based on the textual prompts selected by the user. Then, it extracts the color palettes from that image and applies it to the user’s graphic, recoloring it based on the requested mood or theme.

The generative AI capabilities of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe users have created almost 280 million images in total using Adobe’s text-to-image AI tool since March. Adobe has plans to bring its generative AI capabilities to enterprises. Adobe’s generative AI model, Firefly, is trained on public domain images from Creative Commons, Wikimedia and Flickr Commons as well as 300 million images and videos from Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is the result of a $800 million acquisition of Fotolia, a French marketplace for stock photos.

The accuracy and transparency of Adobe’s generative AI model

A number of artists and Adobe stock contributors have expressed concerns about their work being used to train Adobe’s generative AI model without their explicit permission and the lack of transparency about how public domain images are used. Adobe officials have said that the company will compensate enterprise customers for any legal bills if they are sued for copyright infringement.

Adobe is continually working to expand its inventory and data catalog to improve the quality of its AI model, Firefly. Costin, vice president of generative AI at Adobe, stated that the company is developing models for video and 3D generation and plans to continue adding data from Adobe Stock to expand its inventory and data catalog. Costin is confident that Firefly is well-suited for commercial use.


In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator’s Generative Recolor tool is an innovative feature that allows designers and marketers to refresh graphic design elements. Adobe remains committed to expanding its generative AI capabilities. Despite concerns from some artists and contributors, Adobe officials believe that their AI model is well-suited for commercial use, and they plan to continue expanding their inventory and data catalog.

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