Venture Capital’s Position within the Cybersecurity Industry

In this RSA Conference panel, Moderator Dave DeWalt (Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of NightDragon) leads a discussion on the state of venture capital in cybersecurity. Joined by Mark Hatfield (Partner at Ten Eleven Ventures), Yoav Leitersdorf (Managing Partner at YL Ventures), Dr. Chenxi Wang (General Partner at Rain Capital), and Nadav Zafrir (Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Team8), this group of cybersecurity venture capitalists brings over 100 years of experience to the table. The panel presents new data from 2022 and YTD 2023 on the state of VC investment and shares their perspectives on the unique period of cybersecurity VC history brought about by record demand for cybersecurity innovation amidst growing threats.

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Moderator: Dave DeWalt, Founder, CEO, and Managing Director, NightDragon

Mark Hatfield, Partner, Ten Eleven Ventures
Yoav Leitersdorf, Managing Partner, YL Ventures
Dr. Chenxi Wang, General Partner, Rain Capital
Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Team8

2022 was a tumultuous year for venture capital in cybersecurity. Economic uncertainty prevailed, but the industry also saw record demand for cybersecurity innovation amidst growing threats. The result: the most unique period in cybersecurity VC history. This session will present new data on the state of VC investment in 2022 and YTD 2023, as well as perspectives leading cybersecurity venture capitalists.

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