“Maximizing Efficiency: Nicolai Tangen Urges Adoption of A.I. in Business Operations”

Accelerating Your Career with AI

The Importance of AI in Business

It’s no secret that AI (Artificial Intelligence) implementation comes with a steep learning curve. However, that shouldn’t deter you from learning how to use it since the benefits it provides can lead to an accelerated career. Whether or not you’re already tech-savvy or your role relies on generative AI like ChatGPT, it’s incumbent upon leaders to get up-to-speed on its applications and potential next turns.

Survey data from Fortune 500 CEOs found that predictive AI, which is best for analyzing data, is the technology they expect to create the most opportunities for business in the next decade.

Using AI to Boost Your Career

Fortune Connect, a new learning community for purpose-driven leaders, is here to provide the tools and allies you need to take your career to the next level. It aims to prepare individuals for future challenges, including the rapid emergence of AI, which has made its way into daily operations at thousands of businesses.

Importance of Learning AI

Now, if you’re hoping to be a future-focused business leader, “you need to force yourself” to use AI, according to Nicolai Tangen, CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management. He stressed while being interviewed by Fortune Connect that “Hailing from an older generation or just simply being out of touch is no excuse. If you’re an older person, and you don’t really have any experience, get some of the younger guys to help you.”

Young workers view this differently, with nearly 40% of Gen Z workers saying they don’t believe their college education prepared them for the tech-related needs of the modern workplace, according to a recent Dell Technologies study.

However, young workers educating older workers is still a good thing. Tangen said, “It’s a very democratic software; you can be an idiot like me and get value out of it, because you basically just talk to the machine. It’s really unbelievably powerful.”

Harnessing the Power of AI

Andy Bird, CEO of education giant Pearson Education believes that to remain competitive in the job market, most workers have no choice but to become AI-fluent. He also notes that “We’re struggling to catch up, and the impact that that has on us both as individuals and as companies is the need to continually re-skill and upskill.”

Paul Hudson, the CEO of the French pharma and healthcare giant Sanofi, attests to the growing importance of AI. “There are going to be companies that [don’t adopt A.I., and] really try to hold everybody back. I think they won’t be able to compete.”

Tangen echoed the sentiment of these executives, saying AI is “just a completely transformative thing.” Applications like ChatGPT and its ever-expanding list of competitors will transform everything people do, within and beyond the office.

The Future of AI

AI is still in the early stages of implementation, so getting up-to-speed with it can be daunting. However, even as the average worker is predicted to change jobs every three years, AI will stay long-term. Tangen’s goal for the near future is to target a 10% productivity improvement in the firm over the next 12 months since a recent study found that AI improves worker productivity by 14%.

Final Thoughts

Fortune Connect is an excellent resource for those looking to learn and network. Though AI can be a daunting technology to learn and implement, it’s quickly becoming an essential component for a successful career. As such, taking the initiative to learn about it is crucial for anyone who wants to stay competitive in today’s job market.

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