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**Title: Super Cyber Soldiers – Exploring the Future of Human Augmentation Technology**


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Welcome to a premium podcast of Lotus Eaters! In this episode, John and Josh delve into the fascinating Ministry of Defence report that predicts the imminent emergence of brain implants, cybernetic exoskeletons, genetic engineering, and more. Join us as we explore the potential of human augmentation technology and its impact on various aspects of human life.

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In this thought-provoking podcast, we examine the Ministry of Defence report that delves into the future of human augmentation technology. Get ready to explore the possibility of brain implants, cybernetic exoskeletons, genetic engineering, and much more. The full transcript of the video is available [here](transcript-source-link).

This report presents an intriguing perspective on the future of warfare, as it examines the idea of integrating weapons platforms into individual soldiers through cybernetic implants and gene editing. Could this lead to a new era of human capability, or will it result in unforeseen consequences? Join us as we step into the future and uncover the answers.

Josh, with his background in psychology, expresses particular interest in the potential of human augmentation technology for improving various aspects, including sexual function. As we discuss the report, we delve into the implications of psychological performance, physical augmentation, sensory enhancement, brain-machine interfaces, and ethics.

This comprehensive report provides inspiration for anyone interested in writing science fiction, as we explore the possibilities of genetic engineering and other technologies. We also discuss the proposed timeline for technology adoption outlined in the report and compare it to our own predictions.

Don’t miss this captivating discussion on the future of human augmentation technology and its potential impact on society. [Watch the full video]( now!

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FREEMIUM VIDEO: Super Cyber Soldiers


John and Josh analyse the 100-page Ministry of Defence report that predicts the imminent emergence of brain implants, cybernetic exoskeletons, genetic engineering, and more.

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  1. It seems reasonable to assert that nothing we humans make can be any more perfect than we are ourselves. That is to say that as we aren't perfect, no program or genetic modification can be perfect either. Generally, the perfect might be the enemy of the good, but when it comes to something as complex and delicate as DNA, that is not the case. Any imperfection could have drastic ramifications which doesn't really manifest for generations, though this obviously won't be a problem if the modification isn't inheritable. "Inntelectual property" is the least of our concerns if it is inherited.

  2. hey there 40k fan here, yeah basically space marines are these giant superhuman soldiers who are like 8ft tall and could easily bench press your car (and your mum) without even trying which is really cool but with that power they believe that they are better than normal humans and tend to treat them with distain because well normal humans can't compete with them. there are space marines who care about humans namely the salamanders but they are like a 1/1000 of different chapters.

    My point is yeah Super humans would be cool but don't be surprised when one of them "accidentally" bump into you and you end up as a chalk outline because you basically got hit with the human equivalent of a Canadian moose

  3. Haarp, ionospherec heaters are covert weapons platforms that can transfer immense amounts of energy bounced of the ionosphere to make you ill, tired confused, manipulate the weather to any level, blow up installations without the target knowing where its come from, applying large amounts of energy in the form of electro magnetics to weak areas of tectonic plates to cause earth quakes etc. 60 years in the making and there all over the planet and not many people know anything about this. Very secret.

  4. That bit about people with downs saying eugenic scientists want to deny their right to exist. Seems extremely selfish allowing a lineage of diseased people who will suffer many times more than normal people already suffer just because they have some abstract "right to exist".
    By the way, does that imply unborn semen are immorally being denied the right to exist?

  5. Humanity isn't ready for such technology yet. Govts still exist, theyre also far to corrupt/pychopathic. And the masses can be manipulated by the words of criminals far to easily. Look at what they've been able to do the last 2 years. Now imagime they had this capability, and space marine police to enforce it. Screw that.

  6. All their discussion of these potential fields of sciences application for inventions but absolutely no mention of the science or philosophy depending on how you look at it of deontology.
    The fact that very few present day scientist know of the moral sciences should raise many an eye brow, but I highly doubt it will?

  7. Psychological performance cannot be overstated, that's not undue at all. If you have a soldier and ask them to shoot people in a room full of women and children, they're going to hesitate unless they are a psychopath. If you want a soldier to slit someone's throat who isn't even aware of their presence, they're going to again hesitate and even if they can turn that off, they're going to go back to those moments later. And if you want a soldier to rush through an open field where there is a 40% chance they will be shot and killed, they're going to panic or again hesitate. You either end up with guilt and doubt or a complete sociopath and neither result is useful in a combat scenario.

  8. Automated law enforcement will be the end for the free world.
    A boot stomping on a human face forever doesn't work if the boot is worn by anyone capable of empathy, and disobeying orders.
    But if machine enforce the law, how draconian the law is won't matter.
    Submit or die, unless you can draw, aim, and shoot, faster than a machine.

  9. I used to think that cybernetics were awsome, then the world went online.
    Products (games, programs) were no longer fully functional when bought, in need of patches, updates and vulnorable to atacks.
    This hasn't changed, in fact, it has become worse
    Subscription based ownership (aka lease/rent) and let's not forget…
    Right to repair
    Privacy (cookies, data-collection/mining) and the danger of…
    Remote access/control
    TOS that only change to bennefit those POS

    No thank you, I like my autonomy

  10. 18:08 there's a word for that, we kinda made it a taboo for a damned good reason. Not because it doesn't work (far from it) but because interfering with populations on an industrials scale tends to have massive long term unforeseen consequences on top of any dramatic shifts in demographics that the interfering party is trying to apply.

  11. All they need to do is demonize pregnancy. Then raise all embryos on an assembly line so they can control their development and turn them into perfectly molded castes of workers, consumers, and World Controllers…
    You like in Brave New World.
    The book no one talks about.

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