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**Title: The Mar-a-Lago Documents Case Against Donald Trump: Talking Feds Podcast**

Welcome to Talking Feds, a roundtable podcast that brings together prominent former government officials, journalists, and special guests for dynamic and in-depth analysis of the most pressing questions in law and politics. In this episode, host Harry Litman is joined by three top national commentators – Tim Miller, Charlie Savage, and Erin Burnett – to break down the developments in the Mar-a-Lago documents case against Donald Trump, the political stunts by the hard-right House GOP, and the gripping search for a missing exploratory submarine.

The episode covers the first round of discovery in the case, which saw Jack Smith, the prosecutor, delivering a large stack of documents, including the grand jury testimony of key witnesses. The government’s confidence in the case is evident as they push for an early trial date, while also hinting at a potential conspiracy charge relating to false electors for Trump in states Biden won.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives witnessed sophomoric displays by the Republican majority, stopping just short of a motion to impeach President Biden. However, amidst the political drama, the nation was captivated by the heartbreaking story of a submarine that tragically imploded, resulting in the loss of five lives.

This episode features insightful commentary and analysis from three renowned observers of the political scene – Erin Burnett, Tim Miller, and Charlie Savage. Erin Burnett is an anchor on CNN and has extensive news experience, including moderating the 2020 CNN New York Times presidential primary debate. Tim Miller is a writer, a former communications director for Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign, and an MSNBC analyst. Charlie Savage is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a Washington correspondent for The New York Times.

Listen to this thought-provoking episode of Talking Feds to gain deeper insights into the Mar-a-Lago documents case, the current political landscape, and the real-life dramas unfolding in law and politics.

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The Mar-a-Lago documents case against Donald Trump picked up speed as Jack Smith delivered the first round of discovery. The hard-right House GOP flexed its muscles with one political stunt after the next. Meanwhile, the nation was gripped by the search for missing exploratory submarine. It was a week of high drama from the federal courthouse to the House floor, and Harry is joined by three top national commentators–Tim Miller, Charlie Savage, and Erin Burnett–to break it all down.

TALKING FEDS PODCAST is a roundtable discussion that brings together prominent former government officials, journalists, and special guests for a dynamic and in-depth analysis of the most pressing questions in law and politics.

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  1. Dem party always shoot them sevelvs in the foot RFK and no labels is financially supported by Bannon MTG and trump anything to take away votes from Biden RFK is nuts riding on his name and his father would be so disappointed in him. His father and uncle gave a damn about democracy. He is a sell out and a wanna be

  2. Thank you Erin Burnett for pointing out the hypocracy of generallized indifference to the loss of hundreds of pathetic refugee/migrants caused by economic conditions and the ego trip for rich men on the Titan submersible. I am not opposed to scientific exploration of either government or wealthy private individuals, but far more people are represented by the sinking of an overloaded unseaworthy vessel.

  3. The lady lawyer, is recognizing, one of the four types of human brainwashing.
    It's institutional educational brainwashing,,, about what is good, bad,,right, wrong, better, worse, real and fake.
    The real and fake is the ambiguous wording.
    Like, the united states is a democracy,,,when is not. it's a republic.
    The ordinary citizens play on and slur the words, sometimes the give them dual meanings,
    Know the four types of human brainwashing.
    Pull the weeds from your own knowledge.
    It's the brainwashing''s that we all have and it's affects on our thinking of what is actually valuable intellectually,, law is only what measurable, but these are religious,, it's Caucasian religious that they are basing their position on about government,, there is no measurement for that kind of thinking or your values.
    Institutional educational
    Commercialized, sensationalized, profitized techno hypno flashing screen media.

  4. Let’s hope the lack of accountability can be taken by the SP Jack Smith and the slow actions of a timid AG Garland. The ineptitude of the nation’s democracy is in peril if the DOJ can not extract its digit and get on protecting the credibility of a failed State status worldwide. The cancers need to be surgically removed and traitors jailed and excluded from further office. The law should err by taking the high road at the expense of the corruption and the rule of law. 30:13

  5. Cannon did not push the date back, Jack did (classified requirements for attorneys CIPA)
    Cannon can refuse to relitigate (on the grounds
    and refer Trump back to Beryl (on the grounds Trump failed to appeal) for an appeal on privilege (but that ship has sailed)
    same with challenges to Subpoena need to go to the magistrate court where the time for also appeal has expired and Trump failed to appeal or even challenge immediately if was going to.
    Let him open a can of worms on this one

  6. Good Monday morning from the chilly windy SF Bay Area. This discussion has been terrifying, Harry. Historian Paul Cooper has an excellent podcast/video series called Fall of Civilizations where he examines how once thriving civilizations crumbled and what it was like to be a citizen in those terrible times of collapse. I have felt all along that *Rump, the Malignant One, is a danger beyond anything we ever imagined our country could degenerate into. I have lived in my love & peace bubble for so long. I sensed his evil the first time I saw a picture of him 40 years ago; the fact of him being in MY White House is lower than I could have imagined. It is a physical pain to contemplate what we are facing. I wish I could ask for Divine intervention but I think we have to face the wreckage we have created alone.

  7. I've never understood why grown ups still wanted to be the first to go somewhere when it is very difficult and dangerous, rather than just wait for the tech to catch up and make it safer, but, to carry on trying to do things the dangerous way, when you can simply watch robot filmed perfectly clear footage, live, on your phone without even getting out of bed, really ought to get treated as suicidal ideation.

  8. Dying in a deep sea implosion is probably one of the best ways to go. Within a millisecond or so, you're completely squished. You would not be aware at all that anything was happening. Asphyxiation and freezing cold would be torturous, slow and awful. Plenty of time to think all about dying.

  9. Adam’s sin is being too smart, too well-educated, too self-possessed, too effective. The Republicans are so frustrated that none of their hearings have achieved a thing other than their own humiliation, after watching the Jan 6 Committee launch public opinion and Jack Smith’s race to indictment. Too bad they hitched their fates to an obvious wackjob.

  10. In our area one has to declare Republic or Dem. In primary vote alone.
    I hate in primary vote not having a vote or having to be narrowed to one party or not?
    Isn’t this partisan?
    I started to change my vote to Dem. Thing is I won’t vote for DT. I ALSO WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY CANDIDATE THAT WILL BE influenced by DT.
    In the end… last voting I did; I felt in my conscious I hated asking for a Republican vite

  11. Hey Charlie, Trump meddled to the extent of having people imprisoned for exercising free speech, eg Michael Cohen. His hands were in the DOJ cookie jar throughout his admin. Further, he installed a personnel czar (former golf caddy or something) who surveyed all cabinet depts for loyalty to Trump. Republicans of conscience must recognize the wholesale pervasiveness of corruption installed by this orange miscreant.

  12. Thank you,

    What is obvious is the USA culture is and has been conditioned to the chaos, that it is now expected.

    Our culture is like a family that has an abusive father (immature/criminal president) and we (USA family) are looking to our Grandfathers for help to control the abusive father.

    The Grandfathers are the Justice Dept (currently timid) and the Congress (currently dysifunctional).

    Next show, please have a family psychologist, a day care worker, 2 fathers of 13 year old children and their child (children) in the studio while discussing what to do with the problem father.
    Conduct it like an Alanon meeting.

    God bless Jimmy Carter

  13. It took me a second to get the title's play on words but as an scholar of English monarchy and having watched the UK's politics closely since Brexit, once it clicked i started laughing hard. Such a fitting description of not only what's been going on but also highlights the pretentiousness of Donald and how he thinks he's on the same level of significance and history as Westminster 😂😂😂

  14. Aaaand . . . what about the HUNDREDS of migrants that may have drowned or are missing ?

    🛑 This concerns me in terms of what it says about the way we view – or even REMEMBER – "the least of these"

    Instead, Ivanka T***🦠 tells us poor people don't want handouts . . . or a living wage. . . they want to "work for" what they get . . . you know – like SHE has

    Jeeez 🤦🏻‍♂️

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