Biden’s Delay in FCC Appointment Raises Concerns about Net Neutrality’s Fate

**Title: Biden’s Sabotage of Net Neutrality: The Fight for Gigi Sohn’s FCC Confirmation**

Join Ron Placone as he exposes the deliberate sabotage by President Joe Biden in refusing to have a vote on his FCC pick, Gigi Sohn, before her nomination expires. Discover why net neutrality is essential for maintaining a free and open internet, and learn what you can do to help save it.

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Transcript and video available on Ron Placone’s YouTube channel.

*Important: Time is running out! Visit []( to demand Gigi Sohn’s confirmation to the FCC during this lame duck session. Let your voice be heard!*

Ron Placone on Biden refusing to have a vote on his FCC pick, Gigi Sohn, before the nomination expires. Ron explains how this is deliberate sabotage, and what you can do to help.

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  1. I am disabled. Unable to work with neuromusclar decease, I dont trust Biden or democrats anylonger, Guess they dont xare about us luving and dying in poverty. Still no promise kept, that they made 2 years ago. No SSI/SSDI reforms, NO STIMULUS IN A YEAR. With $1,000. a month, Electric will get turned off soon. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY WAITING FOR?

  2. Senator Bernie Sanders didn't cave on Yemenis because Joe was going to veto the bill so Sanders went to democratic senators in blue states to push lunch box Joe to use executive orders for the labour movement and railroad unions workers and senator Bernie Sanders helping people in Vermont Joe backtracking on abortion rights student debt relief public option minimum wage and other promises he made to senator Bernie Sanders

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