Unleashing the Power of the Happiness Momentum: Your Imperative to Lead

**Happy Office Workers are more Productive and Healthier**

The Importance of Creating a Healthier World

In the past three years, I have dedicated myself to researching and innovating in the AI happiness landscape. One of my most important findings is the significance of creating a healthier world. Our individual health, community health, and ecosystem health are all imperative aspects that require attention. While the global pandemic may feel like old news, its long-lasting implications continue to reverberate. Contrary to expectations, there are concerning trends emerging.

Rising Rates of Anxiety and Depression

Boston College researchers have discovered that reports of anxiety increased by 50% and depression by 44% in November 2020, rates that are six times higher than those of 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that anxiety and depression have increased globally by over 25%. Additionally, car accidents in North America have risen by nearly 10% (2023) and mental health claims have soared by 75% in Canada.

The Gallup Negative Experience Index and its Findings

The Gallup Negative Experience Index has conducted surveys with over 200,000 people worldwide, investigating stress, pain, anger, sadness, worry, and overall life satisfaction. The respondents reporting their lives as the worst possible have quadrupled in the past fifteen years. In the corporate world, only one in four employees globally reports receiving recognition or praise for their good work in the previous week. However, research shows that doubling the number of employees who receive recognition or praise can lead to remarkable improvements, such as a 9% increase in productivity, a 22% decrease in safety incidents, and a 22% decrease in absenteeism.

The Financial Impact of Employee Happiness

The impact of employee recognition and praise on businesses is significant. By doubling the number of employees who receive recognition or praise, businesses can expect substantial savings. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, an average business with 10,000 employees could save $91,989,474 in gained employee productivity, $2,807,200 due to decreased injuries, and $3,801,336 due to fewer unscheduled absences.

The Necessity of Focusing on Health at All Levels of Leadership

It is crucial for board directors, C-level leaders, and all leaders within the organization to prioritize health. Health is not merely a personal matter, but rather a responsibility that extends to all employees. Creating an environment where employees can bring their whole selves to work and ensuring their engagement and happiness should be a priority.

Increasing Productivity and Happiness through Better Work Environments

Research studies indicate that employees are only productive around 60% of the time, and they are more likely to be productive when working from home. Frequent interruptions and ineffective meetings contribute to employees’ unproductivity. By prioritizing employee happiness and creating happier work environments, we can unleash trillions of opportunities for increased productivity.

The World’s Happiness Research Report

The World’s Happiness Research Report focuses on understanding what makes people happy and how they perceive a successful life. Creative questions are asked in the survey, providing insights into individuals’ happiness levels. Implementing AI to Track Happiness

AI can play a crucial role in tracking happiness in real-time. Imagine a future where our cars, homes, login screens, and even family check-ins are all focused on individual happiness and well-being. Companies like SalesChoice are already utilizing AI software to unlock the happiness code and implement daily mental health and wellness check-ins.

Meik Wiking and the Essence of Happiness

Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, emphasizes the importance of simplicity, purpose, connection, and reflection in finding happiness. Creating environments that foster employee engagement, providing coaching approaches for managers, and developing tools to support employees’ well-being are essential in achieving happiness and a higher quality of life.


While strides have been made in the conversation surrounding happiness, there are still concerns about the rising rates of mental health conditions. It is crucial for countries to prioritize mental health and support their populations. Taking unique approaches to increase employee engagement and daily mental health and wellness check-ins can play a significant role in cracking the code to happiness. It is time for corporations to prioritize employee well-being and create a happier, more productive workforce.

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