Transforming from a Juvenile Delinquent Hacker into an Acclaimed Cybersecurity CEO, Supported by Google Ventures

**Title: From High School Hacker to CEO: The Journey of Kunal Agarwal**

**Keywords: Kunal Agarwal, high school hacking, grade management system, financial constraints, piracy, cybersecurity, data breaches, legacy vendors,, Google Ventures, relationship building, product management** CEO Kunal Agarwal’s Transformation from Trouble-maker to Leader

Kunal Agarwal, the CEO of, has come a long way. From hacking into his high school’s grade management system to leading a cybersecurity company backed by Google Ventures, his journey is a testament to personal growth and determination. This article explores Agarwal’s path and how it influenced his mission to improve cybersecurity.

Chasing the Cool Kids: A Motivation Born out of Financial Constraints

Agarwal’s early hacking endeavors can be traced back to his desire to fit in with his classmates. Coming from humble beginnings, he couldn’t afford indulgences like watching the latest movies or playing the newest games. To bridge the gap, he began modifying games to gain an advantage and later resorted to piracy. The thrill of a challenge and a curiosity for technology eventually led him to hack into his high school’s grade and assignment software.

Personal Growth Amidst the Fallout: Lessons Learned and Relationships Tested

Despite being an academically successful student, Agarwal’s hacking activities had a profound impact on his relationships with teachers and counselors. While some turned their backs on him, a few like his physics teacher, Mr. Lubbs, taught him the value of resilience and facing challenges head-on. It also strained his relationship with his strict parents, who feared he would end up in juvenile detention and miss out on educational opportunities.

A Second Chance: Finding Direction in Cybersecurity

Fortunately, Agarwal was able to avoid juvenile detention by presenting his history of community service to the District Attorney. He highlighted his high grades, his creation of a computer club, and his contribution to a volunteer organization teaching computer skills to the elderly. This diversion program set him on a path to prevent hackers rather than join them.

The Need for Strong Data Protection: Highlighting Vulnerabilities in Educational Software

Agarwal’s hacking incident, fueled partly by curiosity, also shed light on the inadequate security measures in educational software. Recent cyberattacks on education software companies, like Illuminate Education and Pearson, have compromised the personal information of thousands of students. This highlights the ongoing need for robust data protection in the education industry.

A Wider Security Issue: Legacy Vendors and Vulnerable Data

The struggle to protect sensitive data extends beyond the education industry. Many companies, regardless of their sector, rely on outdated legacy vendors with inadequate security measures. These vendors often have complex and cumbersome architectures, making it difficult to defend against determined hackers.

Turning Point: Founding

Motivated by the need for improved data protection, Agarwal founded The company aims to provide “parental controls for companies” by employing a streamlined process to enhance performance, decrease lag time, improve reliability, and increase privacy. This is particularly crucial as more employees work remotely, eliminating the need for internet traffic to pass through on-premises servers or offsite data centers.

Balancing Creativity and Technicality: Music and Cybersecurity

Apart from running, Agarwal is also involved in a music production business. He believes this creative outlet has influenced and enhanced his technical approach to cybersecurity. His company’s logo and design strive to capture the essence of high-end fashion brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. Additionally, he produces cybersecurity videos using a Red Epic cinema camera, adding an artistic element to a traditionally technical field.

Building Relationships with Investors: A Lesson from Agarwal

To garner support from high-profile backers like Google Ventures, Agarwal emphasizes the importance of relationship building. He likens the process to dating, acknowledging the need for extensive interactions before deciding to work together. Agarwal’s relationship with Google Ventures’ General Partner, Sangeen Zeb, took 20 to 30 meetings before the final deal was agreed upon, forming a strong foundation for their collaboration.

Product Management: A Crucial Preparation for Startup Leadership

Agarwal credits his over eight years of experience in product management at Symantec & Forcepoint for preparing him as a founder. His time at Symantec mirrored his high school experience, where he had to prove himself among competing product groups. It taught him the importance of building a successful product that can hold its own in the market.


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