Episode 145 of The Cyber Pro Podcast: A Conversation with SK Panda, Global Head of Digital Ventures at Lumen Technologies

**Title: SK Talks About Cybersecurity Challenges and PDCA Approach | CyberPro Podcast**


In this episode of the CyberPro Podcast, SK, the Global Head of Lumen Digital Ventures, discusses the competitive nature of the cybersecurity field and shares valuable insights on tackling monumental tasks. With a focus on keeping things simple, SK emphasizes the importance of developing a clear plan to effectively address cybersecurity challenges. He introduces the PDCA approach (Plan, Do, Check, Act) as a framework for staying ahead of the ever-evolving threats in the digital world.

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**Transcript Excerpt:**

In this episode of the CyberPro Podcast, SK, the Global Head of Lumen Digital Ventures, shares his experience and insights in the cybersecurity field. SK discusses the competitive nature of cybersecurity and the importance of staying ahead of hackers. He emphasizes the need for a structured approach to defend assets and respond to threats effectively. One key framework SK highlights is the PDCA approach (Plan, Do, Check, Act) which provides a clear path to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

One of the significant challenges in the cybersecurity field is the hidden nature of threats that can substantially impact businesses. A breach in consumer data or damage to a brand’s reputation can have severe consequences, such as fines or loss of market share. SK underlines the importance of understanding the industry and the trust consumers place in a company to determine the level of cybersecurity risk. He highlights that every organization is a potential target and must be proactive in protecting their assets.

To navigate these monumental tasks, SK suggests simplifying the approach. Drawing from his operations and engineering background, he recommends keeping the cybersecurity strategy simple yet effective. SK shares his passion for the IDOL approach, which emphasizes simplicity in cybersecurity frameworks. Additionally, he introduces the PDCA framework, emphasizing the need to plan, execute, check, and continuously improve cybersecurity measures. This iterative process allows organizations to stay ahead and strengthen their security posture.

Listen to this insightful episode of the CyberPro Podcast to gain valuable insights from SK about cybersecurity challenges and the importance of a structured approach to protect your organization.

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SK talks to us about all things cybersecurity. SK talks about the challenging and competitive natures to the cyber security field. He shares his insights on tackling the monumental tasks. He speaks about IDOL and importance of keeping things simple so you can develop a plan quickly to tackle those monumental tasks. SK lays out the PDCA approach (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

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