The Rise of Deinfluencers: Are They a Threat to Influencers? Deciphering the Influencer Market | ET Now

**Title:** The Rise of Deinfluencers: Threat to Influencers? | Market Analysis by Pallavi Sharma

**Description:** Welcome to Money Wise with ET Now! In this video, host Pallavi Sharma explores the emerging trend of deinfluencers, who are revolutionizing social media. While influencers have dominated the online space for years, the rise of deinfluencers is challenging their influence. With the hashtag #Deinfluencing gaining 430 million views on TikTok by April, this trend is rapidly catching up in India as well.

But what exactly are deinfluencers? They are the opposite of influencers, as they advocate against certain products and provide more affordable alternatives. In this insightful analysis, we delve into the influencer market in India and uncover the reasons behind the deinfluencer trend.

Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for brands, with 61% of customers relying on influencer recommendations (Influencer Marketing Report, 2022). However, not all products promoted by influencers may be trustworthy. This is where deinfluencers step in, debunking promotional content and offering honest insights.

With platforms like TikTok and Instagram boasting billions of monthly users, influencers can easily reach vast audiences. TikTok alone has 20.8 million active daily users on iOS (source). This has made influencer marketing an indispensable part of brand promotion, but it has also become increasingly expensive.

Let’s dive into the numbers: More than a third of Indian brands have doubled their budget for social media influencers in the past year. The content creator industry is projected to reach a staggering $290.3 million by 2025. Studies reveal that 87% of people have made purchases after seeing a brand on social media, with influencers reaching more than one in four individuals.

Recognizing the power of influencer marketing, 61.2% of all brands tap into this strategy. With nearly 80 million content creators in India, the industry’s potential is vast. In a recent survey, 50% of marketers admitted to allocating 10% of their digital marketing budget to influencers annually, and 10% dedicated over 40% of their annual budget solely to influencer marketing.

Moreover, YouTube has enabled creators with over 500 million subscribers to monetize their videos, further boosting influencer marketing opportunities. However, amidst the rise of influencers-turned-deinfluencers and the growing trend towards minimalism and conscious consumption, some question the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Whether deinfluencers pose a genuine threat to influencers or not, this trend has captivated millions of viewers. Stay tuned to ET Now for more captivating videos. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

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Gone are the days when Influencers ruled social media trends. Deinfluencers are taking over social media now. Hashtag Deinfluencing had 430 million views on tiktock till April end. The trend is catching up in India too. Is this trend a threat to influencers? How big is the Influencer market in India? Pallavi Sharma decodes the market and tells you why deinfluencers are trending.

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