Are Deinfluencers a Menace to Influencers? Understanding India’s Influencer Market | ET Now

**Title: The Rise of Deinfluencers: Threat or Trend? | India’s Influencer Market Decoded**

Welcome to Money Wise with ET Now! In this captivating video, Pallavi Sharma delves into the world of influencing and uncovers the emerging trend of “deinfluencers.” While traditional influencers have long ruled social media trends, a new wave of content creators is challenging the status quo. Hashtag Deinfluencing took TikTok by storm, accumulating a staggering 430 million views till April end. Now, this trend is rapidly gaining traction in India. But what does it mean for influencers? And just how significant is the influencer market in India? Join Pallavi as she uncovers the secrets of this growing phenomenon.

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– 0:00 – Introduction
– 1:20 – The rise of influencers and their impact
– 3:45 – Introducing deinfluencers: The opposite of influencers
– 5:10 – Exploring the deinfluencing trend on TikTok
– 6:45 – The influencer market explosion in India
– 9:15 – The power and cost of influencer marketing
– 11:30 – The impact of deinfluencers on consumer behavior
– 13:20 – Perspectives on the deinfluencer trend
– 15:00 – Conclusion and future outlook

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Gone are the days when Influencers ruled social media trends. Deinfluencers are taking over social media now. Hashtag Deinfluencing had 430 million views on tiktock till April end. The trend is catching up in India too. Is this trend a threat to influencers? How big is the Influencer market in India? Pallavi Sharma decodes the market and tells you why deinfluencers are trending.

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