Terhi Johanna Vapola presents Helen Ventures at ECO21 Berlin

**Title: Terhi Johanna Vapola: Investing in Smart Green Energy and Mobility Startups | Helen Ventures | Ecosummit Berlin 2021**


Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Helen Ventures! In this video, Terhi Johanna Vapola, representing Helen Ventures, a Finnish corporate venture capital (CVC) firm, presents at Ecosummit Berlin 2021. As the investment arm of Helen, the leading energy company in Finland, Helen Ventures is committed to investing in smart green energy and mobility startups that contribute to the global energy transition.

With an impressive portfolio that includes successful startups like Virta, Gradyent, EcoG, LiveEO, and Think Outside, Helen Ventures brings expertise, technical advancement, and agility to the energy industry. Join us as Terhi Johanna Vapola shares insights into the investment strategies, early-stage funding, and the exciting innovations in the energy sector.

Alongside the amazing startups in our portfolio, Terhi Johanna Vapola discusses the importance of sector integration, circular economy, and the role of digital technologies in driving sustainable solutions for a greener future. Discover how our focus on renewables, electrified transport, decarbonization, and innovative digital technologies is making a difference in the energy industry.

If you’re a startup looking to collaborate, grow, and make a positive impact in the energy sector, Helen Ventures can offer you a unique opportunity. Our team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the energy and digital sectors, enabling us to provide valuable insights, market understanding, and venture capital expertise to help you scale your business.

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about Helen Ventures and our amazing portfolio companies. Join us at Ecosummit Berlin on June 23-24, 2022, and be a part of the energy revolution. [Get your tickets here!](

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Terhi Johanna Vapola pitches Helen Ventures at Ecosummit Berlin 8-9 September 2021. The Finnish corporate VC invests in smart green energy and mobility startups and its portfolio includes Virta, Gradyent, EcoG, LiveEO and Think Outside. Let’s meet again at Ecosummit Berlin 23-24 June 2022:

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