Fireside with a VC: Valuations for Startups Discussed by Jack Young, Head of VC DTCP (Episode #5)

**Title: Fireside with a VC: Jack Young on Investment Strategy and Valuing Startups**

Welcome to Fireside with a VC! In this episode, Andrew Romans sits down with Jack Young, Head of Venture Capital at DTCP (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners) in Silicon Valley, to discuss investment strategy and the valuation of startups. If you’re interested in the world of venture capital and want to gain insights into how startups are valued from early to growth stages, this discussion is for you.

Jack Young, with his 12 years of experience in venture capital, shares his wisdom and expertise on these topics. As the Partner and Head of the venture team at DTCP, Jack provides a unique perspective on how the valuation of startups compares to the public markets.

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Discover the strategies that drive success in venture capital and corporate venture capital (CVC) as Jack dives into his experience at Qualcomm Ventures and the interplay between Deutsche Telekom and CVC.

If you’re interested in venture capital, CVC, startup valuations, and Silicon Valley, don’t miss this informative discussion. Follow the links below to connect with Jack and stay updated on his insights:

– [LinkedIn: 7BC VC](
– [LinkedIn: Jack Young](
– [Twitter: Jack Young](

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Jack Young, Head of Venture Capital, DTCP (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners) in Silicon Valley on podcast “Fireside with a VC” discusses investment strategy and how to value startups from early to growth stage and how that compares with public markets. Find and subscribe to audio on Spotify, Google & other podcast platforms at #VC #CVC #venturecapital #valuations #SiliconValley Follow on,,

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