What’s Next After the Failed Coup in Russia?

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Welcome to Luis Discusses Everything! In this video, we explore the 2023 coup in Russia and its implications. From the front lines in Ukraine to the attempted rebellion against the Russian government, we delve into the details of this significant event.

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding, we analyze the movements of the Wagner mercenary group and their leader, Dmitry Utkin. This attempted coup took us by surprise, capturing the city of Rostov and raising alarm bells for the Russian government.

As tensions escalated and news of Putin possibly leaving the capital circulated, the conflict came to an unexpected end. Reports suggest that a deal was made between the Russian government and the Wagner group, resulting in their retreat and exile to Belarus.

While this event has immediate implications for Russia, the long-term effects on the stability of the Russian state and existing nuclear arsenal remain uncertain. Join us as we explore this critical moment in Russian politics.

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