Puntos esenciales para el éxito de las mipymes en Latinoamérica: Emprendimientos femeninos, comercio electrónico y logística

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**Title: “El Comercio Electrónico y la Cadena de Logística Eficiente: Impulso para las Mipymes en Latinoamérica”**

[Multinational logistics company UPS]( has recently released a report on the viability of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (mipymes) in Latin America. The report emphasizes the importance of e-commerce, efficient logistics chains, and support for female entrepreneurs in promoting the growth and resilience of these businesses. This announcement coincides with the commemoration of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day.

In their study titled “Promoting Small Business Growth, Resilience, and Women Empowerment through Trade in the Asia Pacific Region,” UPS highlights the challenges faced by mipymes in Latin America, particularly in the economies of Mexico and Chile. These challenges are mainly related to commercial and infrastructure obstacles.

According to the report, e-commerce plays a crucial role in expanding the businesses of mipymes and reaching new markets. To enhance their development, it is essential to implement strategies that leverage the benefits of e-commerce. By embracing digital platforms, micro and small businesses can overcome barriers and achieve success in the competitive market.

The United Nations recognizes the global significance of mipymes. They comprise 90% of all businesses, generate 60-70% of employment, and contribute 50% to the world’s GDP. However, they are vulnerable to inflation and supply chain disruptions. UPS vice president of global public affairs, Maria Luisa Voice, points out the resilience demonstrated by mipymes in Mexico and Chile, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw a significant increase in female entrepreneurship.

The UPS report is based on a survey of 4,700 companies from 12 economies in the Asia Pacific region. In the case of Chile, the study revealed that 61% of micro and small businesses used some form of marketplace, while in Mexico, the figure stood at 57%. The report highlights the importance of reducing informality, providing digital infrastructure training, simplifying customs procedures, and promoting awareness of trade agreements for facilitating exports.

To foster the growth and sustainability of mipymes in Latin America, cooperation between governments and businesses is crucial. The joint effort should aim to enhance export facilitation, promote digital transformation, and encourage eco-friendly business practices.

Watch the video to gain valuable insights into how e-commerce and efficient logistics support can drive the viability of mipymes in Latin America.


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Facing commercial and infrastructure challenges, e-commerce, efficient logistics chains, and support for female entrepreneurs are vital for the viability of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (mipymes) in regions like Latin America. UPS stated this on Micro and Small Business Day.

The multinational logistics company unveiled a report on the situation of mipymes, which includes two of the region’s leading economies: Mexico and Chile. Maria Luisa Voice, Vice President of Global Public Affairs at UPS, referred to the situation in Latin America, saying, “Something incredible that the study revealed is that mipymes, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, have shown resilience thanks to e-commerce,” while also highlighting women’s empowerment in Mexico, Chile, and the Asia Pacific region.

The United Nations has emphasized the global relevance of mipymes, as they represent 90% of businesses, generate 60-70% of employment, and contribute 50% to the world’s GDP. However, they remain vulnerable to inflation and supply chain disruptions. Voice emphasized the recovery in Mexico and Chile, largely due to female entrepreneurship, which surged during the pandemic. She specifically mentioned Chile, stating, “What I found interesting is that female empowerment increased from 57% in 2020 to almost 74% in the latest survey conducted in 2023. That’s incredible growth, driven by e-commerce.”

The UPS report is based on a survey of 4,700 companies across 12 Pacific economies, highlighting that 61% of micro and small businesses in Chile use some form of marketplace, compared to 57% in Mexico. In the Latin American region as a whole, there are various challenges for mipymes, including reducing informality, providing digital infrastructure training, simplifying customs procedures, and increasing knowledge about trade agreements to facilitate exports.

Achieving export facilitation and embracing eco-friendly practices are essential for the future success of mipymes. Collaboration between governments and businesses is necessary to navigate the complexities of international trade and promote sustainable growth.


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El comercio electrónico, las cadenas de logística eficientes y el apoyo a los emprendimientos femeninos son elementos fundamentales para la viabilidad de las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas (mipymes) en Latinoamérica, según un informe presentado por la firma UPS.

En conmemoración del Día de las Microempresas y de las Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas, la multinacional de logística dio a conocer el informe titulado “Promoviendo el crecimiento de las pequeñas empresas, la resiliencia y el empoderamiento de las mujeres a través del comercio en la región Asia Pacífico”. Este estudio incluye a dos de las principales economías latinoamericanas: México y Chile.

El informe destaca que las mipymes en Latinoamérica se enfrentan a desafíos comerciales y de infraestructura, por lo que es crucial contar con estrategias que impulsen su desarrollo. El comercio electrónico se presenta como una herramienta fundamental para expandir sus negocios y llegar a nuevos mercados.

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