Episode 34 of S2: Manuel Silva Martinez of Mouro Capital Explores Blurring Industry Boundaries

**Introducing Mouro Capital: A Leading Fintech Venture Capital Firm**

Welcome to Mouro Capital, the venture capital firm at the forefront of the fintech revolution. With $400 million in assets under management, we specialize in early to growth-stage investment opportunities in the fintech sector across Europe, North America, and Latin America[^1^]. As the General Partner authorized by the FCA, Manuel Silva Martinez leads Mouro’s strategic initiatives, investor relations, resources, and processes. His extensive experience in fintech since 2010 includes a 5-year tenure in San Francisco with BBVA Ventures before transitioning to London in 2015[^2^].

**Investing in Fintech Innovation**

Drawing on an expansive network and deep industry insights, Manuel sits on the boards of prominent companies such as a55, bonify, and Crosslend, while also serving as an observer for Autofi, Creditas, Curve, Elliptic, Klar, Roostify, and Tradeshift, among others[^2^]. This allows Mouro Capital to identify and support the most promising fintech ventures in their quest for growth and success[^3^].

**Taking Fintech to New Heights**

At Mouro Capital, we understand the evolving landscape of the fintech industry and the need for forward-thinking approaches. Our investment focus extends to enterprise software, with a keen eye on the integration of financial services into other experiences. This aligns with the industry trend of backend infrastructure and API-delivered products that are revolutionizing the financial landscape. We see opportunities to invest in platforms that may not directly relate to financial services but still require transactional processes, lending components, or identity verification, creating symbiotic relationships that benefit both parties involved[^4^].

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Manuel Silva Martinez oversees Mouro’s strategy, investor relations, resources and processes as the General Partner authorised by the FCA, with his day-to-day investment activity focusing more on UK, Europe and Latin America. Manuel sits on the boards of a55, bonify and Crosslend and, as observer, of Autofi, Creditas, Curve, Elliptic, Klar, Roostify and Tradeshift, among others. Manuel has been investing in fintech since 2010, having spent 5 years in San Francisco with BBVA Ventures (now Propel VC) before moving to London in 2015. He is a hiking enthusiast, world traveler and wine aficionado.

Mouro Capital is a venture capital firm with $400M assets under management that targets early to growth fintech investment opportunities across Europe, North America and Latin America. Until 2020, it was operating as the corporate venture capital (CVC) arm of Santander, Santander InnoVentures, before spinning out as an independent entity with Santander as Limited Partner.

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