SET Ventures: Anton Arts Presents at ECO22 Berlin

## Anton Arts presents SET Ventures at Ecosummit Berlin 2022

Welcome to SET Ventures! We are a leading Amsterdam-based smart green VC that has been investing in energy startups for many years. In this video, Anton Arts, one of our partners, gives an exciting overview of our company and the incredible work we are doing in the energy transition.

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We are thrilled to introduce Julia Padberg, our recently promoted partner, who brings valuable expertise to our team. As the market for digital technologies in the carbon-free energy system grows, we are expanding our investment team with professionals such as a head of marketing. This is an excellent time to be part of this industry as we are witnessing a wave of capital entering the market, despite the broader market slowdown.

At SET Ventures, we focus on supporting the energy transition by investing in a wide range of technologies related to distributed energy systems, digital utilities, industrial energy management, mobility, and transport technologies, as well as enabling technologies that support these applications. Our impressive portfolio includes companies like Instagrid, Hydrogrid, ESFORIN, Depsys, GreenCom Networks, Sensorfact, and Energyworx, all of which align with our investment strategy.

Three major trends drive our investment strategy. Firstly, there is a massive shift in how people value their energy footprint, leading to significant changes in consumer and business behavior. Secondly, we believe that the debate about the energy transition should focus on applications and business models rather than just inventing or engineering. Finally, we are convinced that renewable energy is not just a complicated and expensive replacement for cheap oil. Instead, it is the future, and the real value lies in the digital layer that connects it all.

We have exciting news to share from our portfolio companies. Trunkers, our logistics and delivery investee, recently raised $15 million for expansion into Belgium and further growth in the Benelux region. Trunkers is at the forefront of sustainable delivery, prioritizing driver welfare and organizing deliveries in an environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, we are leading the Series A funding round for a new energy exchange that aims to differentiate itself through speed of execution and low fees. This exchange is inspired by the success of fintech platforms and aims to accelerate the energy transition by fostering a transparent and innovative marketplace.

We are thrilled to be a part of Ecosummit Berlin 2022 and look forward to connecting with all the entrepreneurs and industry experts present at the event. For more details about the summit, visit their official website: [Ecosummit Berlin](

Watch the full video above to gain valuable insights into our investments, goals, and how we are contributing to the energy transition. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for more exciting updates in the smart green energy sector!


– [SET Ventures website](
– [Ecosummit Berlin 2022 official website](
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Anton Arts pitches SET Ventures at Ecosummit Berlin 23-24 June 2022. The Amsterdam-based smart green VC invests in energy startups for many years. Julia Padberg recently was promoted to Partner and their amazing portfolio includes Instagrid, Hydrogrid, ESFORIN, Depsys, GreenCom Networks, Sensorfact and Energyworx. Let’s meet again at Ecosummit Berlin 14-15 June 2023:

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