Shocking Discovery of a Child’s Body Found Floating in Dam Leaves Families Devastated

## Two Families in Shock: Body of Missing Child Found in Dam

In a shocking incident that has left two families devastated, the body of a missing 11-year-old child has been discovered floating in the local Mutshedzi Dam near Louis Trichardt in Limpopo. Pfunzo Makuya was reported missing just last week, and the discovery of the body has plunged the community into grief and turmoil. Additionally, just five kilometers away, the body of 32-year-old Thabelo Muladi was found next to a village road, allegedly killed by her estranged lover.

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Transcript of the video:

At Dondani primary school today, students continue to learn while just less than a kilometer away, the McQueen family is living through a week of sheer anguish. Their 11-year-old daughter, Pfunzo Makuya, has been missing for the past 10 days. The family shares the pain of not knowing her whereabouts as life carries on. Pfunzo came back from school, went to pick up her younger siblings from the crash, and requested a shoe repair. She never returned. The family reached out to the shoemaker and relatives, but no one had seen her.

In a distressing twist, a body without limbs and private parts was discovered in the nearby Muchasi Dam. Authorities have contacted the family for DNA samples to identify if the body belongs to their missing child. Despite the uncertainty, the family remains hopeful for a negative DNA test result, signaling that the body found is not their beloved daughter. They appeal to anyone who might have witnessed anything relevant to come forward with information.

In the neighboring village of Tobeni, the Marathi family is grieving the tragic fate of their daughter, Thabelo Muladi. Allegedly killed by her partner, her body was found on the side of the road. Shockingly, the suspect had a history of violence against Thabelo. There were previous incidents of assault and rape, for which he had been arrested and released on bail. As one family prepares for a funeral, another anxiously awaits news about their missing child.

The real men Foundation, a civil organization, expresses concern over the rising trend of men resorting to violence in challenging situations at home. They highlight the need for society to address this issue and create an environment where men feel heard and supported, rather than resulting in tragic outcomes like spousal and child killings.

No arrests have been made so far in connection to either the murder of Thabelo Muladi or the disappearance of Pfunzo Makuya, according to the police.

This heartbreaking video sheds light on a disturbing reality, urging us all to reflect on the importance of a safe and supportive community.

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Two families living near Louis Trichardt in Limpopo are in shock after a body of a child was discovered floating in the local Mutshedzi Dam on Tuesday night. It’s believed the body is that of a 11-year-old. Pfunzo Makuya was reported missing on Wednesday last week. Five kilometres east, the body of 32-year-old, Thabelo Muladi, was found next to a village road.
Her estranged lover allegedly killed her.

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