Young Innovators Tackle Societal Challenges during Youth Month

**Title: Young Entrepreneurs Revolutionize South Africa’s Communities with Innovations | SABC News**

Join us as we celebrate youth month in South Africa, and witness the incredible impacts young entrepreneurs are making in their communities. Despite the Department of Social Development reporting that only 6% of the youth are involved in entrepreneurial activities, these innovative minds are determined to change the narrative. In this video, we showcase three inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs who are tackling major challenges in South Africa head-on.

– [0:00] Introduction
– [1:23] Harnessing Water Power for Electricity Generation
– [4:56] Online Temping Platform Revolutionizes Hospitality Industry
– [8:18] Innovative Wheelchair Enables Stair Accessibility
– [11:45] Conclusion

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**Transcript Summary:**
1. South African entrepreneur harnesses water power to generate electricity from water pipelines, offering a clean and sustainable energy solution.
2. Online temping platform, M10, connects job seekers with numerous opportunities in the hospitality industry, promoting transparency and widening access to employment.
3. Innovator develops a groundbreaking wheelchair that can navigate stairs, breaking barriers for wheelchair users and promoting equality.

Watch the full video to learn more about these incredible innovations and how they are changing lives in South Africa.

*Note: This is a human-generated description and transcript. It may not be 100% accurate.*

As South Africa is celebrating youth month, young entrepreneurs aim to impact their communities with their innovations.

According to the Department of Social Development, the number of youth involved in entrepreneurial activity remains extremely low at 6%.
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