National Security Focus: The Roles and Importance of the National Disaster Response Force | June 25, 2023

**Title: The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF): Guardians of Courage and Compassion**

The NDRF, India’s prime body responsible for executing rescue and rehabilitation operations during natural calamities, is an organization of dedicated officers and personnel. Their relentless efforts have saved countless lives that were in danger due to floods, cyclones, structure collapse, earthquakes, and other disasters. Over the years, the NDRF has modernized itself with effective protocols and upgraded Standard Operating Procedures[^1^].

As a multi-disaster-prone country, India presents unique challenges for the NDRF. However, with their adjusted strategies and constant readiness, the NDRF operates as a unique and distinguished force under the Ministry of Home Affairs[^2^]. Led by an IPS officer, it consists of battalions from various security forces such as BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB, and Assam Rifles[^2^].

In this video, produced by Sansad Television, join Kriti Mishra as she explores the crucial work and training of the NDRF. Discover the full form of NDRF, learn about their rescue operations, understand the training process, and find out the salary structure of NDRF personnel[^3^].

With real-life stories of the NDRF’s heroism and their mission to save every single life, human and animal, the video highlights the NDRF’s commitment to minimizing damage caused by disasters[^4^]. Witness the comprehensive disaster management plan implemented by the NDRF to create a safer and more resilient India, driven by technology and proactive measures[^5^].

Experience the incredible journey of the NDRF, the force that stands as a shining example of expertise and compassion when nature unleashes its fury. Subscribe to the Sansad TV YouTube Channel for more insightful content and visit the Sansad TV website for additional resources[^6^][^7^].

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The NDRF is the prime body that executes rescue and rehabilitation operations in natural calamities like floods, cyclones, structure collapse, and earthquakes, across India.
It is an organisation of officers and personnel, who have dedicated themselves to serve the country and whose relentless efforts save hundreds of precious lives put in harm’s way by the vagaries of nature….
Over the years … the NDRF has modernised itself with many effective protocols and upgraded Standard Operating Procedures.
In addition, the NDRF has adjusted to the unique challenges of cyclones, floods, and other such disasters, in a multi-disaster-prone country like India.
NDRF today is a unique and distinguished Force that operates across the country under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
It is headed by an IPS officer and consists of battalions from the BSF, CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB and Assam Rifles.

Anchor/ Producer/Coordination: Kriti Mishra
Video Editor: Rohit Chandok
Camera: DK Pandey, Yogesh Aggarwal, Jitendra Negi
Camera Assistant: Pradeep & Dhananjay

Music Courtesy: epic Dubstep Eliansproductions

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