Prominent Ford Executive Franck Louis-Victor Apprehended on Charges of Domestic Assault

**Prominent Ford Motor Executive Arrested for Allegedly Attacking Wife and Threatening Arson**

A prominent executive at Ford Motor Co. has been arrested for allegedly attacking his wife and threatening to set her designer handbags on fire. Franck Louis-Victor, the CEO of Ford Next unit, was charged with arson preparation and assault with a deadly weapon by the Bloomfield Township police. He is currently being held in the Oakland County jail on a $25,000 bond.

**Threats of Arson and Physical Assault**

Louis-Victor’s wife reported to the police on July 8 that her husband had threatened to burn two of her high-end Hermes purses using a lit butane torch. The purses, valued at $10,000 each, were at risk of being destroyed. In addition to the threats, his wife claimed that Louis-Victor slapped and headbutted her, as well as struck her with a Google Nest Hub device, resulting in a laceration under her left eye that required medical attention.

**Arrest and Investigation**

Once the police were informed of the incident, Louis-Victor was interviewed by officers. During the interview, he made statements that supported the victim’s claims, leading to his subsequent arrest. The police gathered sufficient evidence to charge him with arson preparation and assault with a deadly weapon.

**No Comments from Louis-Victor or Ford Motor Co.**

Despite attempts to reach out for comments, Louis-Victor has remained silent on the matter. Efforts to contact him through Ford Motor Co. have also been unsuccessful. While the company is aware of the situation, they have chosen not to comment further at this time.

**Louis-Victor’s Background at Ford**

Since joining Ford in 2021 from Groupe Renault, Louis-Victor has held significant roles within the company. Initially, he was responsible for overseeing Ford’s autonomous vehicle affiliate, Argo AI. However, Argo AI was later shut down. Currently, Louis-Victor serves as the CEO of Ford Next, where he focuses on incubating and launching new businesses.

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