Anies: Flood Management using Key Performance Indicator (KPI) System!

## Description:

In this video, Anies Baswedan, the Governor of Jakarta, discusses the current flood management system in place, which utilizes a key performance indicator (KIP) with a target of a 6-hour reduction in water levels after rainfall subsides. Additionally, he highlights that main roads in Jakarta should not experience flooding if the rainfall is below 50 mm.

To ensure efficient and effective flood management in Jakarta, Anies Baswedan has implemented a key performance indicator (KIP) system. This system sets a target of 6 hours for the water levels to recede after the rain stops.

According to Anies Baswedan, if the rainfall is below 50 mm, the main roads in Jakarta should not be affected by flooding. This indicates a proactive approach in maintaining the functionality of important transportation routes even during rainy periods.

To learn more about the flood management efforts in Jakarta, watch this insightful video featuring Anies Baswedan, the Governor of Jakarta.

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Anies menyebut penanganan banjir di Jakarta saat ini sudah menggunakan sistem key performance indicator (KIP) dengan target 6 jam surut setelah hujan reda. Dia juga menyebut, jika hujan di bawah 50 mm, jalan utama di Jakarta tidak boleh banjir.

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