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**Title**: Biden’s Colorado Tumble: Concerns Over President’s Fitness | Hygo News USA


On 5/6/2023, Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to address concerns regarding Joe Biden’s frequent stumbling and falling incidents. Insisting that “things happen” and that previous Presidents have faced similar situations, Jean-Pierre faced scrutiny from NewsMax’s James Rosen, who raised doubts about Biden’s fitness for another four-year term due to his apparent frailty.

In a particular incident in Colorado, the President took a tumble on stage. While it’s true that anyone can trip over objects in their path, many have observed Biden’s difficulties in navigating steps. A noteworthy example was on May 19 in Hiroshima, where he descended a set of stone steps toward a shrine to be greeted by the Japanese Prime Minister.

The President slipped on those steps but managed to catch himself just in time. The tension was visible on his face as he interacted with the Prime Minister. The fact that this incident involved stone steps, without handrails or assistance, raises concerns about potential catastrophic falls.

This raises an important question: has the Chief of Staff initiated a review of advanced procedures for the protection of the nation’s oldest President? This series of incidents calls for an evaluation of the measures taken by the advance team in ensuring the President’s safety.

However, when questioned about potential changes, Jean-Pierre brushed it off, stating that “things happen.” This response highlights the need to delve deeper into the issue of advanced staffing and review of procedures.

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Q: Biden’s Colorado tumble, Biden slipped stone steps in Japan A: I actually did not see that, not aware of
On 5/6/2023, Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre again attempted to brush off concerns that Joe Biden is constantly stumbling around and falling over, claiming “things happen,” and that “other Presidents have had similar situations.” Jean-Pierre was questioned by NewsMax’s James Rosen who pointed out that Americans are concerned that Biden isn’t fit to run for another four year term as he appears frail.

Reporter: I want to ask about the President’s tumble that he took on the stage in Colorado the other day. It’s absolutely true that any one of us could trip over an object that just happens to be in our path. Nonetheless, we’ve all observed the difficulty this President has in certain settings. Steps are one of them. And, of course, there was no sandbag in his path on the steps up Air Force One on any of those occasions. And I was struck particularly by the incident on May 19 in Hiroshima where the President descended down a set of stone steps toward a shrine, at the bottom of which steps he was greeted by the Japanese Prime Minister.

And if you look at that footage, the President slipped and caught himself on those steps. And as he greeted the Prime Minister, you could even see on the President’s face pursed lips, as if to say, “This was a close one.” And I know I watched that scene with my heart in my hands

Q: review of the advance procedures the nation’s oldest President
because this was a set of stone steps. And even though there were handrails on either side, he was directed by his advance team, presumably, to descend at the middle of those steps, unaided by the handrails, the Japanese Prime Minister, an aide, or anything else. And that could have been really catastrophic.

And so my question to you is whether this whole series of incidents has led the White House Chief of Staff to direct some kind of review of the advance procedures that are employed on behalf of this, the nation’s oldest President.

KJP: So let me say, you’ve paid a lot of attention to that particular situation. I — I actually did not see that. I was with him in Hiroshima, so I — this is something that I was not aware of. So I can’t speak to that particular — particular moment. You know, here’s what I will say: This is a President, you know, that has had an incredibly impressive first two years, when you think about what he’s been able to get done

Q: I didn’t ask you about…, I’m asking a specific question, your answer it’s not responsive
KJP: the Americans are going to care about and that Americans are going to look to. And so —
Reporter: But I’m obliged to say —
KJP: — I will — I will leave that there.
Reporter: — I didn’t ask you what Americans are looking at. I’m asking —
KJP: Well, isn’t it —
Reporter: a specific question about —
KJP: — what it — isn’t that — isn’t that —
Reporter: — about staffing.
KJP: — what is important? As a reporter, don’t you think it’s important what Americans —
Reporter: I appreciate the input —
KJP: — care about?
Reporter: — into my questions, but my question was —
KJP: I’m just saying — I’m just saying that is something that Americans want. Is it not — not true that they have a leader that’s going to deliver for them?

Reporter: Your proposition may or may not be true, but it’s not responsive —
KJP: Oh, I think —
Reporter: — to my question.
KJP: I think it’s very true.
Reporter: My quest- —
KJP: You’re ask- —
Reporter: My question is —

KJP: No, I know what your question is. You’re asking me if we’re going to change anything from here, if the Chief of Staff has asked for it to change anything from here.

Reporter: Is anyone reviewing the advance staffing?
KJP: And — and here’s the thing, here’s the thing: We are not. Things happen.
Q: I didn’t ask you, your answer it’s not responsive A: don’t care, not change anything

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