Maniv Mobility founder believes Electric vehicles are the ultimate solution to break the oil monopoly

**Title:** Tesla Stock Rally: What Does the Future Hold for Electric Vehicles and Mobility?


In this episode of CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” Michael Granoff, founder of venture fund Maniv Mobility, joins the team to discuss the revolutionary potential of the electric vehicle industry, with a focus on Tesla’s role in this rapidly evolving market. As the world moves towards digital mobility and city-dwelling becomes more popular, the need for individually owned cars is diminishing. Granoff shares insights into the future of electric vehicles, ride-sharing, and autonomous technology, highlighting the global shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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**Timestamps and Highlights in this video:**

[00:14]( – Introduction to Maniv Mobility and its focus on mobility investment worldwide.

[01:32]( – The changing landscape of urban living and the rise of digital mobility services.

[02:46]( – Tesla’s market position and the evolving electric vehicle industry.

[04:18]( – The importance of electric vehicles in breaking the monopoly of oil in transportation.

[06:02]( – Tesla’s valuation and its position as a technology company.

[07:45]( – The future of electric vehicles, autonomous technology, and ride-sharing.

[09:53]( – The variety of electric vehicles and form factors emerging in urban areas.

**Key topics discussed in this video:**

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– Autonomous technology
– Sustainable transportation
– Mobility investment
– Electric mopeds
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Tesla surged in trading as Elon Musk’s automaker kept up its blistering stock rally on Tuesday. Michael Granoff, founder of venture fund Maniv Mobility, joins CNBC’s “Closing Bell” team to discuss.

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  1. Breaking which monopoly?

    1) Do they use plastic?
    2) Do they use electronical compontes manufactured primary in Asia where the primary source of fuel is coal and oil?
    3) Do they use components used of metal that are dug out from the ground by heavy machinary that run on oil and proccesed by refineries that most often likewise run on coal and oil?

    Fucking virtue signaling PC "save the enviroment" retards, Teslas goal is not to save the enviroment, their only goal is to make money on gulible morons that believe Musks bullshit stories….

  2. We should all pause for a moment of silance for the Last of the "TESLA Shorts" still Standing, Mike will. [see below]
    Mike, please wake up, I am charging My Tesla with solar panels, which are 100% clean so that both you and I and millions more will still have clean air to breathe.
    Please keep your lump of coal to yourself.

  3. The ONLY way Tesla, or an EV carmaker for that matter, will overtake the ICEV market is to offer a car that is 100% on par with ICEV's – $25,000 price tag, 400 miles of range (including wintertime driving), 5-min. recharge to FULL. Tesla only has 1% of the automotive market share in the U.S., so…there won't be any "EV revolution" anytime soon.

  4. Tim Cook: "Yeah let's take it really slow, release a few more ipads, and iphones, I'm going to wait how this electric car thing goes for Tesla."
    2024 Tim Cook: "Ha Tesla is worth 3 times as much as Apple, I told you shareholders it was a good idea to play wait and see, while we hoard your money. I'm so innovative."

  5. Crazy Uber stockholders still think people will give up ownership of cars, that will likely never happen. People like having control and having their own vehicles. That's like saying people will give up owning houses. I'm not getting an Uber to my friends house, or to McDonald's on a weekend.

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