Potential Reasons Why India Could Outperform Other Asian and Emerging Market Counterparts: An In-depth Analysis by Mint

Christopher Wood, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies, believes that India is still a top investment choice. With 39% of the portfolio invested in the Indian market, Wood sees potential for renewed outperformance compared to other Asian and emerging markets[^1^]. Despite high valuations, Wood remains overweight on India due to the valuation gap returning to normal levels after China’s outperformance[^2^].

Foreign investors are also showing interest in long-term assets in India, which could result in increased investments in the country[^2^]. Although foreign investors have sold a considerable amount in Indian stocks, domestic equity mutual fund inflows have been positive, reflecting ongoing structural positivity for the Indian stock market[^3^]. The recovery in the residential property market and solid loan growth further contribute to the favorable investment climate[^3^].

Wood believes that the monetary tightening cycle in India is nearing its end, with inflation under control[^4^]. The RBI predicts a decrease in inflation for the upcoming financial year[^4^]. These factors, including the valuation gap, domestic inflows, and nearing completion of the monetary tightening cycle, contribute to Wood’s bullish outlook for India[^5^].

In summary, Christopher Wood’s positive stance on India is based on various factors, including the valuation gap, domestic demand, and monetary policy[^5^]. Despite concerns about high valuations, the potential for renewed outperformance keeps India as an attractive investment destination[^1^].

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Christopher Wood, global head of equity strategy, at Jefferies, has stated that he is still overweight on India, with 39% of the portfolio invested in the Indian market in the Asia ex-Japan long-only portfolio.

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