ORO Health Revolutionizes Healthcare Diagnosis: A Game-Changing Quebec Startup

**Revolutionizing Healthcare Diagnosis with AI: An Interview with Bruno Morel, CTO of ORO Health**

*ORO Health’s Vision and the Journey to Disrupt the Healthcare Sector*

ORO Health, a pioneering healthcare technology company, is at the forefront of the transformation brought by artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of healthcare diagnosis. In an interview with Bruno Morel, Chief Technology Officer of ORO Health, we delve into the vision and plan of this nascent startup to disrupt the ailing healthcare sector.

*Creating a More Efficient and Accessible Healthcare System*

ORO Health traces its roots back to the vision of two dermatologists, Dr. Emilie Bourgeault and Dr. Marc-Andre Dore, based in Quebec, Canada. These young dermatologists recognized the potential for technology to revolutionize healthcare delivery. After completing their residency, they embarked on a mission to create a more efficient and accessible healthcare system. Their journey began with the creation of a prototype dermatology clinic called Dermago in late 2018, which served as the foundation for ORO Health.

*Transforming the Patient Journey*

In 2021, ORO Health secured $3 million in seed funding to accelerate the development of their platform. Amidst a global pandemic that increased the demand for alternative patient care, ORO Health’s approach to healthcare diagnosis has revolutionized the patient journey. Through their platform, Dermago, patients can securely access private telemedicine services. The process is simple: patients provide relevant information, capture images of their condition, complete payment, and submit their case via secured encryption.

*Advanced Imaging Capabilities for Accurate Diagnosis*

ORO Health capitalizes on the advanced imaging capabilities of smartphones to better examine and analyze skin conditions. This enables healthcare professionals to make more accurate diagnoses. Morel emphasizes that modern phones can zoom in to the detail of the skin, allowing for more accurate diagnosis.

*Addressing the Crisis in Canada’s Healthcare System*

Canada’s healthcare system is facing a significant crisis characterized by long wait times and limited access to care. This crisis has been further exacerbated by an aging population and a shortage of healthcare professionals. ORO Health aims to empower family physicians by incorporating AI-driven diagnostic solutions into their practice. These solutions enable general practitioners to make more accurate initial diagnoses and start treatment, mitigating unnecessary referrals and delays in accessing specialist care.

*Ensuring Privacy and Security of Health Care Data*

ORO Health prioritizes the safety and security of patient information throughout the entire healthcare journey. The platform employs end-to-end encryption, safeguarding sensitive medical data and ensuring confidentiality. ORO Health also implements anonymization and data protection processes during model training to ensure patient results remain confidential and unlinked to personal information.

*Advantages of AI-Driven Solutions for Healthcare Professionals and Patients*

ORO Health’s AI-driven solutions offer numerous advantages for both healthcare professionals and patients. Doctors experience increased efficiency, with cases that previously required 30 to 45 minutes now resolved within one to two minutes. The asynchronous nature of telemedicine reduces wait times and streamlines the diagnostic process. Patients benefit from immediate access to specialist guidance, eliminating the need for lengthy waits or unnecessary visits to dermatologists. ORO Health empowers patients by providing comprehensive information and treatment options, enhancing their ability to manage their conditions effectively.

*The Future of Healthcare Diagnosis: Hybrid Medical Care*

Looking ahead, the future of healthcare diagnosis lies in the hybridization of traditional medical practices as technology advances. ORO Health envisions a healthcare landscape where technology plays a vital role in optimizing patient experiences, improving efficiency, and easing the burden on healthcare systems. By harnessing the power of AI and telemedicine, ORO Health is contributing to a more accessible and patient-centric future.


ORO Health’s AI-driven diagnostic solutions are reshaping the medical process, enabling accurate and efficient diagnosis, seamless communication between doctors and patients, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes. As they continue to refine their platform, ORO Health aims to become a trusted source for healthcare information and diagnostics. With their upcoming release of DermSmart, certified software under Medical Device Class I, ORO Health is poised to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry.

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