Scaling VC-backed SaaS from $1 million to $100 million revenue with Notion Capital

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Are you a SaaS founder considering taking money from a venture capitalist? The single most important question you should ask yourself is whether your business has a credible pathway from one to 100 million in revenue within 10 years. Why is this milestone critical for VC-backed SaaS companies? [source]

In this video, we will discuss the challenges, building blocks, and obstacles that companies typically face on their journey from one to one hundred million in revenue. We will share our framework for thinking about the evolution of these challenges and outline the core principles that underpin each stage of growth. [source]

Understanding the probability of achieving this milestone is essential. While thousands of SaaS companies are founded every year, only a handful achieve real scale. What is the probability of the one to one hundred million journey? And what can we learn from the behaviors and patterns of the most successful companies? [source]

Join us as we dive into the data and explore the incredible journey from company founding to achieving one hundred million in ARR or a billion-dollar outcome. We will share insights, common mistakes, and how this understanding can help support our portfolio and the wider SaaS ecosystem. [source]

If you’re a SaaS founder or interested in the world of venture capital, this video is a must-watch. Stay tuned for more sessions as we share our research and insights on the path to $100 million in revenue. Don’t miss out on valuable knowledge that can shape the future of your SaaS business. [source]


Source: [Notion Capital – YouTube](

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People often think of the entrepreneurial startup journey – building a market-leading SaaS company – as linear and continuous. But this is not the case. Things change dramatically as companies move from one phase to the next and the behaviours and people that make a company successful at one stage may well hinder them at the next. The fact that the startup journey is tough, fraught with risk and often chaotic is well understood. The fact that it is discontinuous, less so. Achieving $100m in revenue and doing so within ten years, is a critical milestone for VC-backed SaaS founders and companies; ten years because that is the typical term of the majority of VC funds and $100m in revenue because that has a strong correlation with enduring value.

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