Millennial defectors from North Korea are excelling in their new lives

**Title: Discover the Inspiring Journey of North Korean Millennials turned Successful Entrepreneurs**


In this captivating video, North Asia correspondent James Oaten takes us on a journey to Seoul, where we meet a group of North Korean millennials who defected to the capitalist south and are now thriving as successful entrepreneurs. Despite growing up in one of the world’s most oppressive and isolated regimes, these resilient individuals have turned their hardships into motivation and are carving their path to success.


Watch as owner Ju Chang young leads us through her expansive business empire, which includes a cafe, a wellness center, and even a jewelry shop on the side. It’s truly inspiring to witness the transformation from a famine-plagued childhood in North Korea to a thriving entrepreneurial spirit in South Korea.

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At a young age, these North Korean millennials were forced to rely on themselves, leading them to develop a strong sense of individualism and ambition. They are breaking away from the traditional cultural norms of their parents’ generation, embracing new experiences, and fearlessly starting new ventures. Their resilience and drive are remarkable, making them a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

In a country where black market trading was a means of survival, Park Yo Set shares his story of trading mushrooms with the Chinese to provide for his family. The food shortages, malnutrition, and economic hardships in North Korea made it nearly impossible for a black market economy to flourish. Escaping and creating a better life seemed like a distant dream until recent years.

However, the journey to success is not without its challenges. With increased repression and control by the North Korean regime, the hardship faced by those who wish to escape has intensified. The current COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the situation, making the escape route more difficult.

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North Korean millennials grew up facing immense hardship in one of the world’s most oppressive and isolated regimes.
But those who managed to defect to the capitalist south are now using that experience to become successful entrepreneurs.
North Asia correspondent James Oaten reports from Seoul.
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