Dawn Fitzpatrick: Delving into Multidimensional Investing at Soros Fund Management (Capital Allocators, EP.112)

**Dawn Fitzpatrick: Journey from Trader to Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management**

Welcome to the Capital Allocators YouTube channel! In this video, we have an exclusive interview with Dawn Fitzpatrick, the Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management. Dawn manages an impressive $25 billion in Soros family and philanthropic assets. She has a remarkable career trajectory, starting as a trader at O’Connor and later becoming the Global Head and CIO of the company.

After her successful tenure at O’Connor, Dawn was promoted to the prestigious position of Global Head of Equities, Multi-Asset, and O’Connor at UBS Asset Management. There, she oversaw a massive $500 billion in assets. Her expertise and success in finance have consistently earned her a place among the most influential women in the industry, including being named to the 2018 Worth Power 100 list.

In this conversation, we dive deep into Dawn’s career journey. We explore her experiences trading in option pits and navigating the Global Financial Crisis at O’Connor. We also discuss her leadership roles at UBS and her transition to the helm of Soros Fund Management. Dawn shares her insights into creating a long-term strategy for the company that aligns with the needs of the Foundation. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility and blending internal and external management for optimal results. We also delve into her perspectives on various asset classes, including public markets, private credit, and private equity.

Furthermore, Dawn highlights the unique and attractive platform that Soros offers for leading investors. We share her belief that this platform provides the ideal environment for experienced managers to thrive and excel. If you’re a manager interested in exploring this opportunity, feel free to reach out to Brenda Formes at [email protected].

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Original Publish Date: 11/03/2019

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Dawn Fitzpatrick is the Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management, where she manages $25 billion in Soros family and philanthropic assets. Dawn started her career as a trader at O’Connor and went on to serve as the global head and CIO of O’Connor. In 2016, UBS Asset Management promoted her to Global Head of Equities, Multi-Asset and O’Connor, where she oversaw more than $500 billion in assets. Dawn regularly appears on lists of the most powerful women in finance, most recently getting named to the 2018 Worth Power 100.

Our conversation starts with Dawn’s development in the industry from trading in option pits to navigating the Global Financial Crisis at O’Connor and leadership roles at UBS. We then turn to her taking the helm at Soros Fund Management, including creating a long-term strategy tied to the needs of the Foundation, building in short and medium-term targets to allow flexibility, blending internal and external management, connecting the dots across asset classes, sharing perspectives on public markets, private credit and private equity and measuring and managing risk.

Dawn contends that Soros has a uniquely attractive platform for the right type of leading investors to apply their trade, and I would agree. If you’re a manager interested in having a look, reach out to Brenda Formes at [email protected]

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Original Publish Date: 11/03/2019

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