[NEWS GEN] Unraveling the Rising Trend of Therapy Among Millennials and Gen Z

**NEWs GEN: Why are so many Millennials, Gen Z in therapy?**

Welcome to NEWs GEN! In today’s episode, we discuss the concerning trend of increased therapy among Millennials and Gen Z. Mental health issues have become prevalent in this generation, and we aim to uncover the reasons behind it.

*Timestamp: 2023-06-23, 09:30 AM (KST)*

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## The Rise of Mental Health Issues in Millennials and Gen Z

In recent times, there has been a significant increase in the number of Millennials and Gen Z seeking therapy. This video explores the possible reasons behind this concerning trend.

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## Changing Perceptions on Mental Health

Over the years, perceptions towards mental health issues have undergone a significant shift. Previously, many people disregarded the concept of seeking help from psychiatrists, deeming it unnecessary for those without major problems. However, the scenario has changed, and more individuals now view therapy as a regular part of their healthcare routine.

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## Impact of the Pandemic and Other Factors

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with other societal factors, has contributed to the rise in mental health issues among Millennials and Gen Z. The uncertainty, stress, and relative detachment they face in their lives have played a significant role in the increase of depression and related conditions.

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## Seeking Help and Destigmatizing Mental Health

It is crucial for society to address the mental health needs of this generation and provide accessible resources and support. By destigmatizing mental health, we can encourage more young individuals to seek therapy and prioritize their well-being.

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Join us at NEWs GEN as we delve deeper into this pressing topic and explore potential solutions to support the mental health of Millennials and Gen Z.

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[NEWs GEN] Why are so many Millennials, Gen Z in therapy?
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2023-06-23, 09:30 (KST)

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  1. 1. Meeting with a shrink is a good thing for caring for our mental health. However, the most important thing is to love ourselves. In other words, The more we care for ourselves, the more we become happier.

    2. In our society, Wherever we work, we are very conservative to tell our feeling. If we do, we naturally think that we get scolded. So I think any company need to check the other workers so that they can't get a lot of stress

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