Midjourney’s AI Images Take a Bolder and Bizarre Leap Forward

**Midjourney Introduces New Features to Make Images “Weirder” and More Panoramic**

Midjourney, a generative AI art service, has recently added two exciting features to its platform. These features allow users to create more panoramic images and add a touch of “weirdness” to their creations. With the upcoming release of version 6 in July, Midjourney has been continuously rolling out new features. In the meantime, customers can enjoy the creative toys available in version 5.2.

**Panoramic Images**

One of the newest features in Midjourney is the ability to create panoramic images. When an image is upscaled to full resolution, users can choose to pan the image in various directions—left, right, up, or down. This extends the image in the selected direction, with the AI filling in the previously empty space.

For instance, let’s say you have a regular 16:9 image of a car driving down a highway. Midjourney allows you to pan the image to the right, resulting in an extended view of the scene. The wider aspect ratio becomes a challenge if users continue to extend the image beyond one iteration.

In addition, users can enter Midjourney’s Remix mode and change the prompt while extending the image. This offers the opportunity to create panoramic photo stories and further explore the creative possibilities.

**Weird AI**

Midjourney’s second new feature adds a touch of eccentricity to images. Users now have the option to add a “weird” parameter to image prompts, ranging from 0 to 3,000. Increasing the value intensifies the level of weirdness in the generated images.

To illustrate this feature, consider the image of “hungry schoolchildren.” Here, the weirdness parameter was set to its maximum value of 3,000, resulting in a truly strange image.

The weird parameter can also be combined with other artistic styles. For example, you can request an image of a boy surrounded by aliens in the style of Stanley Kubrick. By setting both the stylize and weird parameters to 700 (Midjourney recommends equal values for parameter combinations), you can create unique and weird images in different styles.

It’s subjective whether the image mentioned above truly captures the essence of a Stanley Kubrick movie. However, Midjourney’s aim is to encourage creators to experiment with various image types and prompts. The goal is to generate images that possess a distinct look and avoid adding to the vast collection of AI-generated content that lacks creativity.


Midjourney subscribers can now take advantage of these exciting new features. The ability to create panoramic images and add a touch of weirdness to prompts expands the creative possibilities for artists and photographers using the platform. These features enable users to produce unique and eye-catching images that stand out in a world flooded with AI-generated content.

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