Orange Digital Ventures presents SLUSH, their vision

## Description

Business France, in partnership with Orange Digital Ventures, organizes the French presence at the startup event Slush in Helsinki every year. In this video, Rémi PRUNIER, Investment Manager at ODV, shares his vision and advice on topics such as IoT, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and startups at Slush. This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in the European tech ecosystem.

Rémi PRUNIER highlights the importance of Slush as a platform to connect with investors and markets outside of typical European tech events. He emphasizes the effectiveness of the event’s organization and matchmaking capabilities, which contribute to successful networking and meaningful exchanges between participants.

By attending Slush, Rémi PRUNIER was able to expand his network and explore investment opportunities with startups recommended by investors. He also shares his tips for making the most out of attending Slush, including anticipating, preparing, and setting objectives before the event.

Apart from the business aspect, Rémi PRUNIER also praises the vibrant city ambiance of Helsinki and the unique side events held during Slush, such as saunas and karaoke nights. He describes these experiences as contributing to a warm and enriching atmosphere, characterized by genuine human connections.

Overall, Slush is an essential European event that offers a blend of business opportunities, cultural experiences, and networking in a dynamic tech ecosystem. Save the date for Slush 2019 and join Rémi PRUNIER in a few months to be a part of this extraordinary event.

*For more information on Slush and Business France, visit the official websites.*
[Business France](

Business France organise chaque année la présence française sur l’événement startup Slush à Helsinki. Orange Digital Ventures est partenaire de Business France sur ce rendez-vous incontournable de la Tech.
Voici la vision et les conseils de Rémi PRUNIER, Investment Manager chez ODV.

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