Maximize Your Selling Profit by Painting Your Bathroom Terracotta

**Title: The Best Paint Colors for Increasing Home Value According to Zillow [2021]**

Are you planning to sell your home? Discover the paint colors that can significantly increase your home’s value in this insightful video brought to you by Zillow. Gain a higher return on investment with the right choice of paint colors!

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The power of paint is truly remarkable. It has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of your home. But did you know that the right paint colors can also boost your home’s value? In this video, we explore the paint colors that have the largest return on investment, based on research conducted by Zillow.

When it comes to kitchens, the color choice can make a significant monetary difference. Zillow’s study revealed that houses with Moody Gray kitchens can fetch up to $2553 more compared to homes with traditional all-white kitchens[^1^]. This shift in trends has been noticed by experts, including Better Homes and Gardens, who sought the insights of an interior designer to explain this new preference[^2^].

Gray, known as the color of retreat, has gained popularity among buyers who are seeking a sanctuary amidst their bustling lives[^2^]. However, it’s important to note that not all gray is created equal. While a gray kitchen can add value, a gray front door can actually decrease your home’s value by over $3300[^2^]. So, when it comes to front doors, opt for a rosy brown wood tone, which can boost your home’s value by $300[^2^].

But it’s not just kitchens and front doors that can impact your home’s value. The bathroom also plays a crucial role. According to Zillow’s findings, a terracotta-colored bathroom can increase your home’s value by an impressive $1600[^2^]. With these insights in mind, it’s clear that an all-white approach is no longer the most favorable choice.

Picking the right paint colors can make a substantial difference in the price of your home. So, if you’re looking to optimize your home value before selling, consider these color recommendations based on Zillow’s research. Join us in this video to explore the possibilities and potential returns that the right paint colors can bring. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your home’s value!

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White walls are out! Here are the paint colors with the largest return on investment according to Zillow.

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