DBIC Ventures Supports Klearcom with Pre-Seed Investment for Funding and Scaling

## Klearcom Founders: Relentless Innovation and €800k Pre-Seed Investment

Welcome to our YouTube video where we discuss the relentless innovation and unique service offered by Klearcom, a Dublin-based startup. This video also highlights their recent achievement of securing an impressive €800k pre-seed investment.

[Klearcom](authority_link) is dedicated to bringing a one-of-a-kind service to the market. With their cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, they empower entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses. Backed by Dublin BIC, a renowned organization that supports early-stage companies, Klearcom has access to a comprehensive range of programs designed to advance their ambitions.

In this video, we are joined by Colms O’Sullivan from DB Ventures, the leading investor in the latest funding round, along with Mark Rowan and Liam Dunn from Klearcom. They discuss the value that Klearcom provides to their clients and how their services are revolutionizing the industry.

### Klearcom’s Unique Offering:

Klearcom specializes in validating and ensuring the smooth operation of contact centers and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems on a global scale. With many multinational organizations relying on contact centers to handle customer queries, Klearcom’s local capabilities provide invaluable assurance. They validate the accuracy of IVR messages, steward calls to contact center agents, and ensure operational efficiency.

The importance of their service cannot be underestimated. As revealed during the conversation, poor IVR experiences can lead to 83% of customers avoiding a company forever. Klearcom’s real-time notification system proactively addresses any issues, preventing disgruntled customers and costly damage to the organizations they serve.

### Why DB Ventures Chose Klearcom:

Colms O’Sullivan from DB Ventures was impressed by Klearcom on multiple fronts. First and foremost, the strength and expertise of the founding team, which includes both commercial and technical professionals. Additionally, Klearcom’s ability to attract large customers and build a high-quality pipeline stood out. Their clear sales approach and go-to-market strategy reflected their focus on impactful and efficient growth.

A key aspect of Klearcom’s product is that it is non-invasive, providing potential customers with immediate value without embedding its solution within their existing systems. This speed of adoption further emphasized the company’s potential and traction in the market.

### Culturally Aligned Partnership:

Liam Dunn from Klearcom shared an interesting story about their cultural alignment with DB Ventures. When participating in the NDRC showcase, Richard from DB Ventures reached out to Klearcom even before the presentation had concluded, demonstrating a bold and proactive mindset. This act resonated with Klearcom’s own values and solidified their decision to choose DB Ventures as their investor. The alignment of ambition between both parties further confirmed their long-term compatibility.

Join us in this insightful conversation as we delve into Klearcom’s journey, achievements, and future plans as an innovative technology startup.

[Source: [Original Video Transcript](source_link)]

Klearcom founders: Relentless innovation, bringing a one-of-a-kind service to the market and securing an €800k pre-seed investment.

Dublin BIC empowers entrepreneurs to start and scale by providing a comprehensive range of programmes specifically designed to advance the ambitions of early-stage companies.

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