Investment Opportunity: Gasgon Medical Secures Funding from DBIC Ventures

**I’m Vincent Ford**, CEO and Founder of Gascon Medical. With a background in retail design and engineering, I established Gascon Medical in 2018 as a solo founder after studying mechanical engineering at Cork Institute of Technology.

Our journey began as a college project, and upon graduating, I joined the New Frontiers Incubator Program by Enterprise Ireland. This program was instrumental in teaching me the necessary business structures to secure investment and build a successful company.

Gascon Medical specializes in developing innovative technology that eliminates air bubbles from IV infusion lines. As the most common invasive therapy in modern healthcare, IV infusion is crucial in various medical treatments. However, these bubbles can pose significant risks to patients, including heart rhythm disruptions, cognitive dysfunction, and strokes.

Our solution automates the process of removing bubbles, making infusions safer, more accurate, and cost-effective. By partnering with EBIC Ventures, we found a like-minded investor who understood the challenges faced by early-stage ventures, particularly in the medical technology field. Their expertise and insight have been invaluable in strategically advancing our business.

**Why choose Dublin BIC (DBIC)?**
DBIC made the investment process seamless and stress-free. From the initial engagement, they showed genuine excitement and interest in our solution, providing valuable feedback on our business plan. We were thrilled when DBIC agreed to lead the investment round, as it instilled confidence in other investors. Throughout the process, DBIC demonstrated excellent leadership, ensuring clear communication and staying in control of the proceedings.

They facilitated meetings between investment groups, fostering alignment and collaboration. From a company standpoint, this level of support and coordination proved immensely helpful, allowing us to focus on what we do best – revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Join us on this incredible journey as we empower medical professionals and enhance patient safety through innovative technology.

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*Source: [Gascon Medical Youtube Video Transcript](source-link)*

Dublin BIC empowers entrepreneurs to start and scale by providing a comprehensive range of programmes specifically designed to advance the ambitions of early-stage companies.

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