London & the UK: A Thriving Global Center for the Gaming Industry

**Welcome to the Games London YouTube channel!** In this video, we have gathered insights from some of the biggest players in the gaming industry, including ustwo, Riot Games, Ukie, Improbable, and London Venture Partners. They will share their experiences and explain how London and the UK can take your games business to the next level.

With a combination of a 20% tax relief, access to world-class talent, a favorable time-zone, and a passion for gaming, London and the UK offer a thriving ecosystem for game developers and designers. Whether you’re an established company or a startup, this is the place to be.

In this video, we delve into the secrets of success in the gaming industry. Discover how London’s vibrant gaming community can help your business grow and flourish. From the support and resources available, to the networking opportunities and collaborations with industry experts, you’ll gain valuable insights into how London and the UK can elevate your games business.

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Explore more about gaming in London and the UK at [](

– [Game London Website](
– [ustwo Website](
– [Riot Games Website](
– [Ukie Website](
– [Improbable Website](
– [London Venture Partners Website](

20% tax relief, world-class talent, a favourable time-zone & players that love games. Hear from ustwo, Riot Games, Ukie, Improbable and London Venture Partners on how London and the UK can help you take your games business to the next level. #gameslondon #investinGREAT


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