The Importance of Service Blueprinting for Customer Loyalty: Sudhir Kalé

**Title: Unlocking Customer Loyalty: The Power of Service Blueprinting | ASEAN Gaming Summit**


In this Face-to-Face interview, Sudhir Kalé, the founder of GamePlan Consultants and a marketing expert, shares insights on service blueprinting as a strategy to understand and improve the customer experience in the post-pandemic era. Join him at the upcoming ASEAN Gaming Summit for a pre-conference workshop on service blueprinting.

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**Transcript Excerpt**:

Julia Timarco (ASEAN Gaming Summit Events Manager):
> “Today, we have Sudhir Kalé, the founder of GamePlan Consultants, with us. Sudhir is an expert in marketing and he will be giving a pre-conference workshop on service blueprinting at ASEAN Gaming Summit. Let’s dive into the details.”

Sudhir Kalé (Founder of GamePlan Consultants):
> “A service blueprint is essentially a visual roadmap that describes how customers interact with your company. It identifies key touchpoints and highlights physical evidence, visible and invisible behaviors, and support systems of the customer journey. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, customer loyalty has been greatly affected by the pandemic. By creating service blueprints, casinos can adapt to changing behaviors and aspirations of their customers.”

Julia Timarco (ASEAN Gaming Summit Events Manager):
> “So, what can participants expect from this workshop? How will it be structured?”

Sudhir Kalé (Founder of GamePlan Consultants):
> “This workshop is designed to be highly interactive. Participants will have the opportunity to study existing blueprints, design their own for their company, and tackle specific challenges they may be facing. By the end of the workshop, participants will develop a solid understanding of service blueprinting and its application in their organizations.”

Join Sudhir Kalé at ASEAN Gaming Summit for this engaging workshop on service blueprinting and discover how it can empower your casino’s customer experience strategy.

*Note: This transcript excerpt has been edited for clarity and length.*


*Source: [Asia Gaming Brief](, [ASEAN Gaming Summit](*

Among the many areas impacted by the Covid pandemic is a shift in customer attitudes. Brand loyalty can no longer be guaranteed and casino operators need alter their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the game. In today’s Face-to-Face interview, ASEAN Gaming Summit event manager Giulia Timarco sits down with Sudhir Kalé, the founder of GamePlan Consultants. Sudhir is a marketing expert who will be leading a pre-conference workshop at ASEAN to discuss service blueprinting, which he says is one of the most effective ways of understanding and improving the customer experience. To register for the workshop, go to:

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