Merrick Deville Embarks on the Paradigm Path

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In this video, I’ll be talking about various topics including politics, life, empathy, gaming, and more. Join me for some engaging discussions, reactions, and an AMA session.


From having less than 100 Twitter followers to gaining over thirty thousand in just five weeks, my journey has been quite interesting. Initially, I had no clue what I was doing and it was a strange experience. Within two months, I became a prominent figure, but it was terrifying and traumatizing. My online experience started off very negative due to my naivety and eagerness, which are cardinal sins on

For about a year and a half, I faced constant challenges. However, there came a time when I stopped fighting and engaging with leftists, defending myself, or combating misinformation. I realized that arguing with people who had untenable or harmful ideas wasn’t worth it. Instead, I adopted two rules for the people I interact with: they should be invited to my wedding, and they shouldn’t make me ask “What do you mean by that?” in uncomfortable conversations.

But, let’s talk about the impact of influential figures like Elon on Twitter. Have they been pushing fringe thoughts and extremist content to the top of our feeds? And how has this affected the way we use social media, especially Twitter?

Recently, I noticed a shift in the types of posts and content appearing on our feeds, mirroring my previous experiences. Instead of encountering radical anarchists and their approaches to solving social issues, my feed started showing posts with disturbing elements like anti-Semitism, anti-blackness, and misogyny. These issues have become a major concern within Elon’s new Twitter space.

To illustrate this, I came across a tweet that promoted hateful beliefs, linking adrenochrome, hating Jews, Biden, and Mel Gibson. It’s disheartening and alarming to see such content gaining attention. Even worse, people respond positively or find it “cool.”

This conversation perfectly aligns with my perspective on the absurdity of online engagements. Many discussions, arguments, and panels become meaningless in the grand scheme of things. There’s a lack of achievement or progress in these encounters. It’s important for us to step back and realize the futility of these conversations and the impact they truly have.

Stay tuned as I delve deeper into the topic and share my thoughts with my guest in this podcast-like interview. Together, let’s shed light on the absurdity and unproductiveness of online discussions.

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  1. More actual leftists and not VooshDensity Nonsense or Hasan fence-sitting.

    To attempt to pre-empt nonsense: Hasan is fence-sitting because he's still objectively accepting the framing and world-view of fascists as part of his life.
    Examples: He bought the fancy car a) cause he wanted to, and b) cause he would "blamed" for cosplaying as poor.

    WHO THE FUCK IS GONNA BLAME HIM FOR COSPLAYING AS POOR OTHER THAN FASCISTS? And given that, taking that into consideration is accepting the framing of fascists, and in Hasan's case fence-sitting.

    I don't give a fuck you bought a fancy car cause you wanted to, just OWN THAT, don't say "but the fash will make fun of me if I buy a cheap car so I just did what I want"…. these things are not the same.

    Capitalism is a slur tho Paradigm!

    I don't give a fuck about free speech, I want to see more titties on the internet… fucking dead 💀

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