Exposing the Reality of Affiliate Marketing in Asian iGaming

**New and Exciting Opportunities in Asian iGaming: Insights from Industry Experts**

Foreign Affiliates Market: A Deep Dive into Asia’s Growing Gaming Landscape

Are you interested in the evolving landscape of Affiliate Marketing in the iGaming industry? Join our panel of experts on this insightful discussion as they shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities in the Asian gaming market.

In this video, industry veterans Alex Trekowski and Jonathan share their experiences and perspectives in the iGaming arena, offering valuable insights from both the operator and affiliate perspectives. With 22 years of experience, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge on the European and American markets, while Jonathan’s expertise lies in the unregulated markets of Asia.

Discover the key strategies and tactics for success in the Asian iGaming market. Learn how to choose the right affiliates, leverage live-streaming and influencer marketing, and tailor products to appeal to various demographics.

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Affiliate marketing has already reached maturity within the European and American markets but Asia is still forging its way, often with cutthroat tactics. A panel of experts agree that affiliates are essential for success in the iGaming Asian arena, if chosen wisely, but channels have to be well selected. Use of live-streaming and influencers also has to be selectively done, making sure products are up-to-date with streamers’ audience interest and demographics.

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