Legal tech expansion highlights the prominence of data-driven solutions on June 9th.

# Welcome to your Legal Tech Briefing for June 9, 2023!

In this episode of Law Tech Daily, we dive into the latest happenings in the legal tech industry, covering key stories and trends that shape the future of law.

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## Episode Details:
– Digital transformation
– Future of law
– Law and technology news
– Law innovation
– Legal tech insights
– Legal tech trends
– Legal technology
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## Key Stories:

1. **Increasing Adoption of AI in the Legal Industry:** We explore the widespread use of generative AI among practicing lawyers and the gap in adoption among law students. [Source](#source1)

2. **Kula Secures Funding for AI Business Development Platform:** London-based Kula receives investment to continue providing innovative solutions for their clients. [Source](#source1)

3. **Anna’s E-Discovery Product Available on Google Cloud Marketplace:** Anna makes history as the first external e-discovery product to be featured on the Google Cloud Marketplace. [Source](#source1)

4. **Technology GC and Residence Program Launch by Mayor Brown:** Learn about Mayor Brown’s new initiative to gain insider understanding of business issues facing early-stage and venture capital companies. [Source](#source1)

5. **Generative AI Adoption Gap Among Law Students:** Find out why only 9% of law students currently use generative AI in their studies and the concerns that hinder its integration into their curriculum. [Source](#source2)

6. **Practical Use of Chat GPT for Professionals:** Understand the benefits and limitations of using AI-powered tools like Chat GPT in legal practice and the importance of AI complementing the expertise of human professionals. [Source](#source2)

By staying informed about the latest trends and developments in legal tech, lawyers and technologists can effectively navigate the ever-evolving industry and meet the demands of tomorrow.

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1. [Law Tech Daily](
2. [Article: Learning the Law with AI: Why Law School Students Are Tentative About Using Chat GPT](#source2)

Welcome to your briefing for June 9, 2023. Here’s what happened in Legal Tech recently.

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June 9, 2023

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