Is AI Responsible for Generating Incomprehensible Legal Texts?

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## Law Tech Daily | Episode 12 | June 12, 2023

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In this episode, we delve into the shifting landscape of using AI in legal work. Discover the pitfalls and challenges faced by an attorney in New York who used chat GPT to supplement legal research, resulting in fake case citations being submitted to the court without verification. We explore the need for increased education about AI’s capabilities in the legal industry.

The **Lexpo Conference** happening this week in Amsterdam showcases the legal industry’s commitment to keeping up with the changing landscape. Discussions include themes beyond technology, such as the legal workforce and the alignment of tools and talent. This event highlights the industry’s willingness to embrace new ways of working.

Find out how **non-compete agreements** impact worker behavior based on a government accountability office report. With only a 6% enforcement rate among private sector employers, workers with non-competes may be less likely to search for or take a job with a rival employer. This insight is crucial in today’s world of lateral hires across the legal profession.

Our main story focuses on the recent court case involving chat GPT and the judge’s criticism of the use of AI-generated text as “legal gibberish.” While AI tools like chat GPT can optimize work efficiency and make legal processes more accessible, they should always be approached with caution. This case emphasizes the need for better education and understanding of the benefits, risks, and limitations of rapidly evolving technologies, such as generative AI.

In other news, leading international law firm **Vincent Masons** has hired a new Global Chief Operating Officer, Matt Pierce, as part of their expansion strategy. With a track record at esteemed companies like Linklaters, Deloitte, and Carphone Warehouse, Pierce’s appointment aligns with the firm’s vision 26 Inches strategic plan. We are excited to see how Pierce will enhance the firm’s business operations to support their strategic objectives.

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