Fundraising and Board Management at the Brighteye Edtech Startup Festival – Ensuring Funding and Effective Governance

Welcome to the Bright Side Ed Tech Startup Festival! On this fifth and final day, we’re focusing on Funding & Governance. In this session, we’ll dive into fundraising and board management. Join us as we discuss market data, valuations, exits, and close off with an “Ask the Investors Anything” session.

I’m Hager, the head of community at Bright Eye Ventures, Europe’s most active Ed Tech-focused VC firm. We’re proud to bring together industry experts and leading Ed Tech operators to share their knowledge and experience in building and growing startups. Throughout the week, we’ve covered a number of topics relevant to the Ed Tech sector, and we hope you find these discussions helpful in your journey.

Feel free to post any questions or comments to our speakers in the chat as we go along. We’re excited to introduce our speakers for today’s session. We have Jonathan Weiner, the founder of 10 Digits, an independent consultancy providing insights and support to Ed Tech entrepreneurs. Joining him is Ben Wurz, partner at Brightside, Ronald Sabarwal from EY Parthenon, Johan Brand from We Are Human (co-founder of Kahoot), and Aryan Common of Las Oliv.

Now, let’s kick off the session with a keynote from Ben Wurz. Ben will be sharing his insights on funding and governance, specifically focusing on the role of boards in early-stage companies. If you have any questions, please post them in the chat. We’ll have a panel discussion after the keynote presentations.

Remember, we value your participation, so please engage with our speakers and fellow attendees. Let’s make meaningful connections and have insightful conversations. Enjoy the session!

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The final Festival day was full of content around Funding & Governance. In this session the conversations centre on fundraising and board management.

The Festival brought together industry experts and leading Edtech operators for a week of digital events – all recorded and available here!

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