NextGen VC Breakthroughs: Exclusive EUVC #79 Special Episode featuring Michelangelo Valtancoli, Partner at Stride VC

**Title: Breaking Into VC: Insights from Michelangelo Valtancoli of Stide VC**

Welcome to The NextGen VC, a podcast hosted by Audrey and Ved, where we provide insights into the European VC industry. In this episode, we are joined by Michelangelo Valtancoli, an early-stage investor at Stride VC.

Stride VC, known for their investments in companies like Cazoo, Zefir, and Unibuddy, is a firm that supports and nurtures founders in their journey. Michelangelo, with his contagious energy and unique background in acting, brings a fresh perspective to the world of venture capital.

In this episode, we explore Michelangelo’s journey into VC straight out of university and how his acting career has shaped his approach as an investor. Michelangelo also shares valuable advice for those aspiring to break into venture capital.

Join us as we dive into the exciting world of venture capital, startup investing, and the strategies to succeed in this industry. If you’re passionate about startups, tech, and investing, this episode is a must-listen.

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*Transcript of the video:*

Hi and welcome back to The European VC, your podcast for insights into the European VC industry. If you love our show, don’t forget to leave us a review and share it with your friends. You can also join our Slack community at [](

In this episode, we have something special for you. We have just launched our first partner podcast called The NextGen VC. Hosted by Audrey and Ved, this podcast is all about how to break into VC, from Gen Z to Gen Z.

The NextGen VC aims to be the transparent window into the mysterious world of VCs and startups through authentic conversations with individuals who are shaping the industry. They will be inviting guests ranging from first-time founders and analysts to successful founders, managing partners of billion-dollar funds, and even LPs.

This episode features Michelangelo Valtancoli, an early-stage investor at Stride VC. Michelangelo, with his background in acting, brings a unique perspective to venture capital. He shares how he broke into VC straight out of university and how his artistic background has influenced his approach as a VC.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey, and we invite you to tune in to The NextGen VC for more episodes coming soon.

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– [Spreaker](


The hosts of The NextGen VC, Audrey and Ved, are joined by Michelangelo Valtancoli of Stide VC. The Stride team have invested in the likes of Cazoo, Zefir and Unibuddy. Before Stride, Michelangelo interned at PayPal and Wayra, Telefonica’s accelerator, and was also a student partner at Entrepreneur First. With his contagious energy and love for acting, Michelangelo is one of the few people we know that broke into VC straight out of university.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– How Michelangelo broke into VC straight out of university
– How his acting career made him a better VC
– Michelangelo’s advice for those who want to break into venture

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