Investment Trends in Life Sciences Discussed in VC Panel

**Title: Investing in Life Sciences Startups: Insights from Industry Experts**
**Keywords/Tags: Technology, Life Sciences, Startups, Investment**

Are you interested in learning about the challenges and strategies involved in raising funds for life sciences startups? In this enlightening discussion, we bring you two industry experts – Sofia Ioannidou, PhD, Investment Director at Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, and Simos Kedikoglou, CEO of Impulse Dynamics. Moderated by Aris Constantinides, Investment Director at NBGI Ventures, these experts share their insights into the world of technology-driven startups in the life sciences field and discuss the intricacies of securing investments.

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Sofia Ioannidou introduces herself as an investment professional with a background in science and an MBA. She has experience working with renowned consulting firms and leading medical technology companies. She emphasizes the importance of being critical about one’s own technology and data before seeking investments. Entrepreneurs need to analyze the weaknesses, improve upon them, or explain and manage them effectively to gain investors’ trust. Additionally, building a network is crucial as good opportunities often come through personal connections.

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Simos Kedikoglou shares his experience in raising funds for his startup and describes the challenges faced. He highlights the need for humility in the fundraising process, as rejection is common. Recognizing weaknesses and being willing to improve upon them is key for success. Networking plays a significant role in attracting investors, as personal recommendations and trustworthiness are major factors in the decision-making process. Adjustments to pitches and strategies are necessary based on feedback received during the lengthy fundraising journey.

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Sofia Ioannidou sheds light on the investment process, given her experience working at a reputable venture capital (VC) firm. She explains that they receive approximately 400 investment proposals each year, with a majority coming from Europe. Only around 1% of these proposals receive investments, as they go through a rigorous screening process. The selection criteria include the asset’s innovation, addressing significant medical needs, expertise of the team, and a viable financing equation that aligns with the VC’s return expectations.

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Sofia Ioannidou PhD, Investment Director, Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners
Simos Kedikoglou, CEO, Impulse Dynamics
Moderator: Aris Constantinides, Investment Director, NBGI Ventures

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