Sofi Filtration receives investment from Emerald for water treatment technology

**Title:** Co-investment in Water Treatment Technology Startup Sofi Filtration by Voima Ventures and Emerald Technology Ventures


Welcome to our YouTube video on the exciting co-investment in Sofi Filtration, a water treatment technology startup. We are proud to announce that the recent funding round of EUR 3 million was led by Emerald Technology Ventures, a renowned venture capital firm, and joined by Voima Ventures, a prominent startup investor. This investment marks the first for Emerald’s water innovation impact fund[^1^].

As part of this milestone, Helge Daebel, Emerald Partner for water activities, has joined the board of Sofi Filtration, underscoring the potential and confidence in the company’s innovative approach[^1^]. Furthermore, a secondary transaction was conducted with selected investors, including Loudspring, highlighting the industry’s recognition of Sofi Filtration’s growth potential[^1^].

Sofi Filtration, based in Finland, has developed an impressive technology solution aimed at addressing the global water treatment challenges[^2^]. Their sophisticated Sophie filter offers efficient and sustainable water filtration, supporting the crucial goal of water conservation and reuse[^2^].

Emerald Technology Ventures’ expertise in the cleantech and open innovation sectors adds immense value to Sofi Filtration’s growth journey[^1^]. This partnership will leverage Emerald’s extensive knowledge and networks to further propel the development of Sofi Filtration in the water treatment technology space[^3^].

With this investment, Voima Ventures showcases its commitment to supporting startups that bring disruptive and sustainable solutions to market. Sofi Filtration’s achievements and potential make them the perfect fit for Voima Ventures’ investment strategy[^4^].

Watch this video to learn more about Sofi Filtration’s game-changing water treatment technology and the vision shared by Emerald Technology Ventures and Voima Ventures.

**Keywords/Tags:** venture capital, startups, technology, open innovation, cleantech, innovation insights, innovation leadership, sustainability, water filtration, Sofi Filtration[^5^].

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Co-investment with Voima Ventures in financing round led by Emerald

Sofi Filtration announced the closing of a EUR 3 million funding round led by Emerald Technology Ventures and joined by Voima Ventures. This is the first investment of Emerald’s recently announced water innovation impact fund. As part of this transaction, Helge Daebel, Emerald Partner for water activities, has joined the board of Sofi Filtration. Alongside the primary transaction a secondary transaction was conducted with selected investors including Loudspring.

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