Venture Capital CapHorn: Expert Tips & Tricks

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In this video, Alexandre Pelletier, Investment Director at CapHorn Invest, shares valuable insights into their venture capital partnership. CapHorn Invest is a leading investment firm specializing in digital B2B startups that aim to revolutionize traditional industries.

When evaluating startups, the first aspect they assess is the team. Are they complementary and ambitious? Do they possess the capabilities to take their company to great heights? Are they eager to expand internationally?

The second crucial factor they consider is whether the startup is addressing a genuine problem that has been identified and validated by their target audience.

Furthermore, CapHorn Invest evaluates if the startup has a distinct and defensive technology that provides them with a competitive advantage over their rivals.

Lastly, they examine the startup’s go-to-market strategy, particularly because they invest in B2B startups targeting large enterprises. They consider who they will partner with to bring their product to market. They look for collaborations with reputable ESNs, publishers, and major cloud service providers like Microsoft to accelerate their go-to-market efforts.

Working with Microsoft offers several benefits for CapHorn Invest. On one hand, it provides access to a high-quality deal flow. Startups that already collaborate with Microsoft have been technically and commercially vetted by Microsoft’s teams. On the other hand, by partnering with Microsoft, they grant their portfolio companies access to top-notch infrastructure like Azure, enabling them to quickly scale and expand globally.

Join us in this insightful video to learn more about CapHorn Invest’s partnership with Microsoft and the opportunities it presents for startups in the B2B space.

Découvrez notre Venture Capital partenaire CapHorn Invest à travers le témoignage d’Alexandre Pelletier.

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