Bootstrapping from Ground Zero: The Minimum Viable Freelancing Journey with Maya Middlemiss | Embracing a Freelance Future

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Future is Freelance podcast. In this episode, your host Maya Middlemiss takes a deep dive into the concept of “Minimum Viable Freelancing.” Maya reflects on her own journey through different models of business formation and discusses the evolution of this innovative approach to freelancing.

Combining the potential of location-independent operation with minimum viable learning, minimum viable tech, and minimum viable presence unlocks unbeatable freedom in the freelancing world. Maya explores how this non-traditional approach to funding and starting a business opens up endless possibilities for freelancers to experiment, grow, and succeed.

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This week’s episode is your podcast host, Maya Middlemiss, flying ‘Xolo’ (sorry, not sorry…)

Maya reflects on her journey through various models of business formation over a long period, and the evolution of what she has come to call ‘Minimum Viable Freelancing’ – the amazing intersection of circumstances which enables anyone to get started working for themselves today, from anywhere in the world.

The possibilities are infinite, when you combine the potential of location-independent operation with:
Minimum viable learning Minimum viable tech And minimum viable presence.
It might not be the traditional way of funding and starting a business, but it unlocks unbeatable freedom – to experiment, to grow, to succeed.

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Here’s to your own freelance future 🤩

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