Here’s the Ultimate Vacation Recipe Perfected by Gen Zers and Millennials

**Don’t be afraid to travel off the beaten path**

Young travelers prioritize authentic experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in local culture. They seek personalized itineraries and trips that support locally-owned businesses. Rather than sticking to popular tourist destinations, they prefer to discover hidden gems that are unknown to their friends and family back home.

**Onscreen inspirations, IRL plans**

Popular TV shows, news sources, and movies have inspired Gen Zers and millennials to visit specific destinations. They want to capture the perfect TikTok video and are motivated by the desire to travel to places that look great in photos and videos. Travel consultants can help turn these onscreen dreams into reality by arranging trips to enchanting destinations such as Montage Big Sky in Montana or the luxurious Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris.

**Treat yourself to a little self-care**

Travelers are prioritizing vacations that improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. They want to avoid the feeling of needing a vacation after their vacation. Many Gen Zers and millennials specifically choose hotels that offer spa and wellness services. Throughout their trip, they embrace self-care activities such as walking tours and taking a break from social media.

**Unlock your senses with a food-focused trip**

Food has become a central aspect of travel for many individuals. Instead of making last-minute dinner plans, food-loving travelers now plan entire trips around specific restaurants or culinary experiences. Trying local foods and cuisines is one of the most anticipated parts of their travel experiences. Resy’s city-by-city Hit Lists provide guidance for those who are looking to explore new culinary destinations.

**Turning a trip into a dream trip**

The most important aspect of any vacation is personalization. Travelers want the freedom to be themselves and make self-discoveries while exploring new places. Customized travel experiences allow individuals to embrace their true selves and make their trips truly memorable.

*Audrey Hendley is the president of American Express Travel.*

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