Renowned by Elon Musk, Leading Chinese EV Manufacturer BYD Encourages Domestic Automakers to Embrace Global Expansion and Disrupt Traditional Paradigms

**BYD Calls for Chinese Automakers to Go Global and ‘Demolish the Old Legends’**

Chinese electric-vehicle manufacturer BYD is making waves in the global auto industry, outperforming Tesla in China and expanding internationally. Now, BYD is urging other Chinese automakers to follow suit and become global players, aiming to disrupt the established industry. This move comes as Ford’s executive chairman, Bill Ford Jr., acknowledges that U.S. automakers are not yet prepared to compete with their Chinese counterparts in the electric-vehicle market. BYD’s rise in prominence has impressed key figures like Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s right-hand man, who believes that BYD is far ahead of Tesla in China. BYD’s chairman, Wang Chuanfu, has called upon Chinese rivals to join forces and make China a global powerhouse in the automotive industry.

**China’s Electric-Vehicle Market Surge**

China’s electric-vehicle market has experienced rapid growth in recent years. While Tesla once held a dominant position, Chinese automakers like BYD have quickly caught up and surpassed them. In a 2011 interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk laughed at the quality of BYD’s cars, but he has since acknowledged that they have become highly competitive. This shift in the market has led industry leaders like Charlie Munger to see the potential in companies like BYD. Munger, who played a crucial role in Berkshire Hathaway’s decision to invest in BYD, described the company as being ahead of Tesla in China.

**BYD’s Call for Chinese Brands to Go Global**

BYD’s chairman, Wang Chuanfu, believes that the time has come for Chinese brands to make their mark on the global stage. At a recent event celebrating a production milestone, Wang expressed his belief that it is an emotional need for the 1.4 billion Chinese people to see Chinese brands become global. He called upon Chinese automakers to unite and “demolish the old legends” of the industry. BYD has also released a video highlighting the history of China’s auto manufacturers and urging them to achieve world-class status. This call for action has been met with support from industry figures like Nio CEO William Li, who expressed pride in China’s auto industry and a desire to learn from BYD’s success.

**Competition and Regulatory Risks**

While there is enthusiasm around BYD’s call for Chinese automakers to go global, there are also reminders of the challenges they face. Great Wall Motor’s CTO Wang Yuanli reminded the industry of the intense competition between Chinese automakers. Additionally, a recent retraction of a pledge by a Chinese industry group representing 16 automakers highlights the regulatory risks they face. Some competitors have also raised concerns that BYD’s viral video could increase regulatory scrutiny and risks for Chinese automakers in Europe and other markets. Despite these challenges, the shift to electric vehicles favors Chinese automakers due to their strengths in batteries and clean energy technology.

**The Rise of Chinese Automakers**

Industry leaders like Ford CEO Jim Farley recognize that the Chinese automakers are the main competitors in the electric-vehicle market. They believe that China will become the powerhouse in the industry, surpassing traditional global giants like GM and Toyota. China’s strength in battery and clean energy technology gives its automakers an advantage in the ongoing shift to electric vehicles. While protectionist policies have limited the entry of Chinese cars in the U.S. market, Europe has been more open, making it more likely for European consumers to see BYD cars on their roads. However, U.S. automakers like Ford are aware of the potential threat and are preparing themselves for the eventual entry of Chinese brands into the U.S. market.

In conclusion, BYD’s success in China’s electric-vehicle market and its push for Chinese automakers to go global has caught the attention of industry leaders. The rise of Chinese brands in the auto industry poses a challenge to established players like Tesla and Ford. The Chinese market, with its rapid growth and government support, has positioned Chinese automakers to lead the way in the global shift to electric vehicles. As the competition intensifies, it remains to be seen how Chinese automakers will fare on the global stage and whether they can truly “demolish the old legends” of the industry.

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