The Wall Street’s Unwavering Support for Weight Loss & Traffic Fees in Cities

**Morning Brew Daily Show: NYC’s Congestion Toll Sets Precedent for Other Cities**

Welcome to the Morning Brew Daily Show with Neal Freyman and Toby Howell. In today’s episode, we break down New York City’s adoption of a congestion toll that could revolutionize urban transportation and set a precedent for other cities across the country.

The congestion toll, which has received final approval from the federal government, will charge vehicles for driving in Manhattan’s busiest sections. This move aims to discourage driving and reduce congestion on the streets. It will be the first time any US city has implemented such a system.

But why should you care if you don’t live in New York? Well, as the saying goes, “If you can make congestion pricing in New York, you can make it anywhere.” This means that cities across the country may soon follow suit, implementing their own congestion tolls to address traffic congestion and promote more equitable transportation systems.

The plan involves implementing a toll of $9 to $23 on cars driving in Manhattan below 60th Street, the densest part of the borough. However, there will be exceptions for drivers staying on highways, and lower-income residents living in the congested zone will receive tax rebates to offset the cost.

While the plan aims to create a more equitable transportation environment by shifting funds from car owners to support mass transit systems, it has faced significant pushback. New Jersey commuters, who already pay $17 to enter Manhattan, are particularly upset about the additional fees.

Despite the controversy, urban planners and experts support congestion pricing as a necessary measure to reduce pollution, alleviate congestion, and improve overall transportation efficiency. Cities like London, which have implemented similar systems, have seen significant drops in congestion and pollution levels.

Join us on the Morning Brew Daily Show as we delve into this groundbreaking development, discuss the implications for Wall Street investors, and explore other trending topics like Gen-Z’s love for cottage cheese and the clash between insurance companies and pickleball.

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Episode 90: Neal and Toby break down New York City’s adoption of a congestion toll that would charge vehicles for driving in Manhattan, and why it could be setting a precedent for other cities around the country. They also explain why a possible weight-loss pill from Eli Lily has investors on Wall Street salivating. Plus, SCOTUS hears a case that could block plans to tax the rich. Toby gets trendy and explains why Gen-Z loves cottage cheese and why insurance companies are not pickleball fans. And finally why Jell-O Shots took over the…. College World Series?

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00:00 – Introduction
02:30 – NYC Starts Congestion Tax
06:30 – Wall Street Excited For Weight Loss Pill
9:30 – SCOTUS Hearing Case on Tax that Targets Rich
14:00 – Gen-Z Loves Cottage Cheese
17:30 – Pickleball Could Costs Insurance Companies
20:00 – College World Series x Jello-Shots

Wall Street Loves Weight Loss & Cities Charging for Traffic!?

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  1. An interesting argument for taxing unrealised gains is also that you can take credit with your assets as collateral.
    In my opinion, Zuck sitting on a ton of meta stocks is not the issue. But the fact that he is able to take out huge loans based on this asset, without paying any taxes is.

  2. Coming at you from the almost-as-congested-as-NYC Jerusalem, Israel. Another great show filled with big stories and obscure ones too!

    Imagine doing a Jerusalem/Tel Aviv tour with people in the fertile high tech/vc world out here. Something to think about. I can make this happen. Be in touch 😏

  3. @MorningBrewDailyShow I don't think that tax is unreasonable. I have a lot of money within my company which I've bought stocks for, most of those stocks also pay dividends which I partially reinvest and take our as a salary. Only the salary and some of the dividends gets taxed while the majority of my money is untouched.

  4. Wow, what is wrong with our gov? I’m all for the rich paying their fare share but, taxing the wealthy’s unrealized gains seems like something that could bite retail investors like myself in the butt eventually. If the gov wants to generate more income, I like Bernie Sanders idea of charging a fraction of a penny on stock trades. Thought anyone?

  5. Congestion pricing is a good thing! It brings in more market forces in using the infrastructure. New Jersey can suck it. If they want to live outside the city and not cover the cost of the infrastructure they use, then they are freeloaders.

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